ZOZ: Final Hour beta test up to five more countries

Audiences in five additional countries will now be able to witness the combat prowess of Final Hour players in Singapore, Indonesia, and Brazil. Furthermore, this game has been updated with better visuals and playability, as well as different abilities at each stage. Additionally, a greater clarity of objectives in each mission and an increased game velocity will undoubtedly up the thrill factor for gamers.

In late 2021, NetEase launched the beta test of its game ZOZ: Final Hour in Brazil, and recently opened up pre-registration for Malaysia, Peru, Bolivia, Mexico, and Colombia. On January 12, players will be able to test their skills in the game, which is set in the city of San Yagar and involves up to 15 mercenaries fighting each other to win the Blood Crystal and stop the zombie threat. The zombie Merc feature is the most popular aspect of the game, where defeated Mercs can turn into zombie Mercs, allowing them to maintain their presence in the game even after elimination. Players in the new five countries will be able to join those in Singapore, Indonesia, and Brazil, and experience improved graphics and gameplay, as well as unique powers in each game stage. Goals in every mission are now clearer and the game’s speed has been increased, making the game even more thrilling.

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