Zelda: Ocarina of Time Mod Adds Multiplayer

The modding team HarbourMasters responsible for the PC port of The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time released an update with various new features, such as a multiplayer mode and a pet dog. They made a video to inform the fans of the game about these updates, which can be found on the Ocarina of Time website.

In March 2022, a PC port of Zelda: Ocarina of Time called the Ship of Harkinian was released, made possible by a team of volunteers who are still open to receiving help. HarbourMasters’ website provides insight into the project, as well as their plans to port other games in the series, such as Majora’s Mask, The Minish Cap, Twilight Princess, and Breath of the Wild. The two projects closest to completion are Majora’s Mark and The Minish Cap, with major updates expected in 2024.

The latest update to the Ship of Harkinian has included a number of new features. Most noticeably, a multiplayer mode has been enabled, which adds a second player in the form of a fairy named Ivan. This player has access to Link’s inventory, allowing them to help fight enemies and activate switches, as well as to play pranks on Link. Another addition is a dog companion, similar to Richard from Castle Town, that follows Link around. Furthermore, the PC port now supports better graphics, with players being able to add higher-resolution textures and custom models.

HarbourMasters have made a lot of changes to the game, and are likely to keep making more. Unfortunately, they can’t give an exact timeline for when the updates will come out due to the volunteer-based nature of the project. It’s incredible that Nintendo has not filed a copyright claim against them yet, and all supporters can hope that the updates keep coming without disruption.

HarbourMasters is offering a new opportunity to those who have not purchased a Nintendo console. The dedicated supporters of the group have demonstrated their commitment and the hard work that goes into each new update, therefore, it is expected that there will be a multitude of more inventive releases in the future.

The title The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time can be accessed on multiple platforms, such as 3DS, GameCube, Nintendo 64, and the Switch.

Recent Additions

The latest updates to the system include new features that have been included. These additions are sure to enhance the user experience.

  • High resolution textures and custom models are now supported!
  • A new 2 player mode, Ivan the Fairy, has been added. He can use Link’s items to his advantage and disadvantage.
  • Built-in extraction support for Windows is available, replacing OTRGui which is no longer shipped.
  • CrowdControl V2 has been updated with new effects, effect descriptions, CC client layout and bugfixes.
  • A restoration for Bongo-Bongo 1.0’s quick kill ability has been added.
  • Hyper Bosses, who act and move twice as fast, have been added.
  • A Time Saver to have Dampe appear all night has been enabled.
  • A cheat to prevent Gibdos and ReDeads from freezing Link with their screams has been added.
  • Time Saving also allows traveling through time when playing the Song of Time.
  • Gold Skulltulas can now be present during day time.
  • An option to remove the Hot/Underwater warning text when not wearing the proper tunic has been added.
  • An aiming reticle for the Bow and Slingshot has been included.
  • Gameplay Stats now displays added times for scenes and rooms.
  • A Difficulty Option allows bonking to deal damage to Link.
  • An option to fix authentic out of bounds texture reads (e.g. Deku Sticks, Freezards) has been added.
  • Link’s voice pitch can now be changed in the Audio Editor.

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  • Merchant Shuffle can be augmented with the Potion Shop of Kakariko Granny. After you give her the Odd Mushroom, you can buy an item for 100 rupees.

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  • FPS, formerly known as Frame Interpolation, has been shifted to Graphics in the Settings menu
  • The Match Refresh rate is now a toggle instead of a button
  • A V-Sync toggle has been added to the Graphics menu
  • The Age cheat has been updated to equip Link with the corresponding sword and take him to the right room when entering Dungeons
  • A new powered by libultraship boot logo sequence is introduced. An option to restore the original hardware boot logo is available
  • Custom SoH assets are now included in the soh.otr which accompanies the download
  • Debug room 120 is patched so that it now loads correctly
  • The Windows exe properties now contain version info and other details
  • The README has been reworded and appended to better explain the content.

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Corrections to Errors

  • Correct Goron’s textual content in Randomizer and eliminate bug where he would give his item without being bombed first
  • Alter the Spirit Temple Cobra mirror statue’s shadow so it updates when rotated
  • Adjust the Gold Skulltula token in the Kakariko construction area so it is positioned correctly
  • Fix the issue of shooting the Sun in Lake Hylia in vanilla saves granting multiple Fire Arrows
  • Resolve logic issues for Barinade, Jabu-Jabu and objects set to Own Dungeon in the Boss shuffle
  • Alter the Death Mountain cloud in Randomizer after Volvagia has been defeated
  • Stop Heart Pieces or Containers from Shopsanity from healing Link
  • Address the edge case where free-standing progressive items do not update to the right item
  • Implement various fixes for sliders in the UI

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  • Include a Text-to-Speech option within the Accessibility menu for game dialogue and menus. The feature can be toggled with the press of the F9 key.