YouTuber Arrested After Crashing Plane: A Shocking Incident in the Gaming Community

Trevor Jacob, a popular YouTube personality, was apprehended in relation to a plane accident. He is renowned for his thrilling clips on YouTube, which have included stunts such as snowboarding close to a freight train and riding in the back of a big-rig. This airplane incident is the most recent of several court proceedings that Jacob has been involved in due to his daring acts.

Jacob created a video, “I Crashed My Airplane,” in which he recorded himself in a state of distress while his aircraft’s engine apparently malfunctioned while he was flying over a mountain range. He then parachuted out of the plane and the aircraft crashed. Jacob kept filming while he trekked to the site of the crash and took a break by a stream. This event prompted an investigation into Jacob by federal authorities which showed that he had taken a solo flight in November 2021 from Lompoc City Airport with the intent of reaching Mammoth Lakes. However, the YouTuber admitted that he had no intention of making it there. His intentions became evident after the discovery of the multiple video cameras that he had installed in the plane prior to takeoff. Additionally, Jacob was accused of lying to federal officers about the location of the wreckage and attempting to demolish the remaining wreckage.

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The United States Attorney’s Office for the District of California has revealed that Jacob has admitted to a criminal offense for obstructing a federal inquiry by purposely destroying the wreckage of an aircraft he deliberately crashed for views. In April of last year, his pilot license was also taken away by the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA). A plea deal has been submitted to the United States District Court in Los Angeles and he is scheduled to appear in court in the following weeks. In the event Jacob is found guilty, he could be facing a maximum sentence of 20 years in federal prison, thus becoming part of the group of YouTubers who have experienced prison time, as listed by

As of the writing of this piece, Jacob’s YouTube video has been receiving a large number of critical comments from those who heard about his arrest. Most of the comments expressed their dissatisfaction with his choices, reproaching him for potentially putting others in jeopardy to gain views from millions of people.

Postings of daredevil stunts are often seen on YouTube, however, these can sometimes bring about unfortunate repercussions due to the lack of consideration of some creators for the purpose of garnering views. As an example, a Twitch streamer was prohibited after shooting a crossbow recklessly at his cameraman. This serves as a reminder that certain actions may have serious repercussions, as is the case with Jacob’s detainment.