Xbox Game Pass Update: Game Removed Last Month Is Back!

Quantum Break has been reinstated to Xbox Game Pass after its removal last month, which bewildered fans as it is a Microsoft Studios title, a first-party Xbox game. Before this, players had been assured that Xbox would never take away its own games from the service.

In 2017, the Xbox Game Pass was launched, and a year later, Microsoft announced that its first-party titles would be released on the platform the same day they were launched. Sea of Thieves was the first to receive this treatment, and afterwards, Forza Horizon 4, Crackdown 3, and State of Decay 2 also got the same. The platform continued to grow, adding services such as EA Play and Riot’s free-to-play games, such as League of Legends. Xbox Game Pass has become a successful product for Microsoft, as its quarterly subscription revenue is now close to $1 billion. Xbox is dedicated to keeping its users content and preventing any disruptions, like the one that happened a month ago.

Aaron Greenberg, the Vice President of Xbox Games Marketing, responded to a player’s inquiry regarding the removal of Quantum Break from Xbox Game Pass. He stated that the game had been taken off the service due to certain licenses that had expired and were in the process of being renewed. After almost a month, Greenberg announced on Twitter that Quantum Break had been returned to both Xbox Game Pass and PC Game Pass, thanking everyone for their patience. Most commenters thanked him for the update and said they would get back to playing the game.

Speculation arose on the possibility of a Quantum Break 2, with Remedy Entertainment’s CEO expressing in 2018 that its creation is awaiting Microsoft’s approval. As of yet, there has been no more info released on the subject.

Users of Xbox Game Pass are probably pleased to discover that Quantum Break is once again available among the games provided, especially if they were in the middle of playing it. Unfortunately, there has been no mention of a potential sequel.

Quantum Break can be experienced on both PC and Xbox One platforms.