Raids in World of Warcraft Can Result in a Ridiculous UI in Screenshots

A World of Warcraft player confessed they had an issue with the disarray and outrageousness of their user interface (UI) while raiding, after accidentally capturing a screenshot. The player shared the screenshot on Reddit, and other World of Warcraft gamers were able to sympathize with the post, pondering which was worse, the raid encounter or the UI.

From the earliest days of the game, World of Warcraft has been quite open when it comes to modding, offering players a range of modifications to customize their UI and give them a new experience. From simple add-ons that let you move around elements of the screen, to more complex ones that are essential for advanced raids such as Raszageth in Mythic Vault of the Incarnates, people of all levels have had no shortage of mods to choose from. Even experienced players can have a confusing UI during heated battles, however.

In r/wow, a player called magic6op took a screenshot while in the midst of a battle with The Primal Council in the Vault of the Incarnates raid. magic6op was apologetic for how disorganized and overwhelming their UI might seem to other gamers, and was unaware of just how many elements were present. The user was utilizing several add-ons such as Deadly Boss Mods, WeakAuras, and Details Damage Meter while playing a Windwalker Monk. In the picture, Deadly Boss Mods’ notifications were in the middle with buffs and debuffs overlapping with target frames in the upper-right corner, and the banners from both magic6op’s team and their enemies taking up most of the view of the snowy battleground. It’s a prime example of how chaotic the UI for World of Warcraft can get.

magic6op’s post on r/wow accrued an impressive 11k upvotes, as it served as a warning to World of Warcraft gamers that they can become too wrapped up in their own UI. As part of the Dragonflight expansion, some of the add-ons that were previously needed have been made part of the game. Moreover, Patch 10.0.5 promises more customization of the user interface, with more screen elements able to be changed as Blizzard continues to refine the baseline UI.

The launch of Patch 10.0.5, scheduled to arrive shortly, will provide World of Warcraft players with fresh activities to enjoy. Subsequent content updates will also bring with them a variety of add-ons for gamers to explore.

The popular PC game World of Warcraft is now available.

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