Frustration Over Orc Strengthening in Dragonflight Among World of Warcraft Players

As the next content patch for World of Warcraft nears, certain players have become apprehensive about a certain aspect of game balance. This has caused gamers to take notice of the potential large disparities between the orcs and other playable races when it comes to combat capabilities, which can lead to difficulties when selecting a character for the game.

The orcs of the Warcraft series have long been one of the most prominent races since the 90s and have created the most renowned leaders of the Horde. Through the orcs’ liberation orchestrated by Thrall, they were freed from the Burning Legion’s blood curse. Subsequently, the orcs became the major force of one of Azeroth’s superpowers and made the Horde the red-clad counterpart to the blue-armored Alliance. Even though the Alliance and the Horde have clashed in World of Warcraft over the years, the spotlight was taken away from the faction wars with the releases of Shadowlands and Dragonflight. Nevertheless, some players still commented that certain races within each faction may excel or do worse in some aspects of the game.

On the r/wow subreddit, a user named Happy-Mechanic noticed that while the orcs’ racial ability “Blood Fury” was scaled up to level 70, other racial abilities such as “Combat Analysis” for the mechagnomes were not taken into account when the Dragonflight expansion raised the cap. This cooldown ability can be beneficial for melee DPS and tank specializations, particularly in raids and Mythic+ dungeons. On the other hand, “Combat Analysis” and similar racial abilities are passive and consistent, provided they are scaled correctly.

Happy-Mechanic’s post on r/wow gained over 2.9k upvotes in three days. Various World of Warcraft gamers suggested that “Blood Fury” was strong, but not as essential as other defensive cooldowns like the Taurens’ “War Stomp” ability. Some comments argued that the racial abilities were a major explanation for why people usually choose the Horde over the Alliance for high-end content. It has been reported that Blizzard is considering the possibility of allowing cross-faction guilds in World of Warcraft to address the faction divide.

Some users suggested that Blizzard can modify any racial features if they have enough reliable information. In a couple of days, the launch of World of Warcraft Patch 10.0.5 will occur, and it is uncertain if and when Blizzard will take into consideration the mentioned problems.

The PC version of World of Warcraft is accessible now.

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