Player of World of Warcraft Achieves Max Level Without Quitting Exile’s Reach Vessel

A World of Warcraft player has accomplished something remarkable – they have achieved the highest level possible without ever disembarking the starting vessel in Exile’s Reach. This amazing feat has earned its place among the most remarkable gaming experiments of World of Warcraft in its long history.

Creator of this unique venture, World of Warcraft enthusiast and Redditor Cheatcho, achieved level 70 on their Pandaren shaman without even leaving the tutorial ship that players are spawned in at the start of Exile’s Reach- a starting zone introduced in Shadowlands. The ship, however, had no enemies, gathering nodes, or any other means of gaining experience, so Cheatcho had to come up with a different approach to level up.

The key to Cheatcho’s accomplishment was pet fights. World of Warcraft’s pet battle feature has five daily missions that give experience. Players can finish these missions on one character and then hand them in on others. Cheatcho left five of their characters by each of these NPCs and completed the quests before transferring the experience to their Exile’s Reach character every day until they achieved level 70. Even though it just took around five minutes every day, it took Cheatcho more than 200 days to accomplish this mission – a combined total of almost 17 hours of time in the game.

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