Blizzard Entertainment Announces Patch 10.1: Neltharion’s Embers

The makers of World of Warcraft have released Patch 10.1, Embers of Neltharion, the opening salvo of the Dragonflight expansion. This patch brings a new zone, raid, and story chapter to the World of Warcraft universe.

Players have been uncovering clues of concealed knowledge hidden in Dragonflight, and now, it appears that the courageous adventurers of World of Warcraft will be exploring the depths of draconic lore with Patch 10.1. They will be journeying to Zaralek Cavern, a large subterranean area where Neltharion once operated from.

As they traverse the new World of Warcraft zone, adventurers will come across the Niffen, a mole-like humanoid race and the fifth Renown faction of Dragonflight which will serve as guides as they discover the underground chambers with a clan of friendly Drogbar. Explorers will witness volcanic passages governed by the Djaradin elders, pools of sulfur filled with failed experiments, and beautiful crystal caverns.

Embers of Neltharion introduces players to Aberrus, the Shadowed Crucible, as a part of the Dragonflight patch. This location was once the laboratory of Neltharion and is filled with dark experiments and age-old wisdom. Players will be able to join forces with Wrathion, Sabellian, and Ebyssian as they compete with both the Primalists and the Sundered Flame rebels to gain access to the final secrets of Neltharion.

The latest patch to World of Warcraft is introducing a new world event in the form of Fyrakk Assaults. Fyrakk, the Primal Incarnate of Fire, will be attacking various places on the Dragon Isles as he searches for something to assist his kin. Players can also look forward to brand-new local narratives, including a section about Tyr and one about Kalegos and the Blue Dragonflight. The game is also introducing a new type of drake, Dragonriding abilities, fashionable and powerful new gear, additional mounts, and cosmetic pieces.

The highly-anticipated Embers of Neltharion expansion of World of Warcraft is bringing an exciting new addition – the ability for players to make cross-faction guilds. This follows on the heels of the introduction of cross-faction grouping, raiding, and PvP in Shadowlands and enables gamers to play with their friends regardless of what faction they have chosen.

World of Warcraft has made an exciting announcement with the upcoming Embers of Neltharion and has now also revealed the launch date for Patch 10.0.7, Return to the Forbidden Reach. Although this patch is smaller in size, it still contains a lot of content and will serve as a bridge between Dragonflight and Embers of Neltharion. Players can anticipate Patch 10.0.7 arriving on March 21 and while no definite date has been set for Embers of Neltharion, the Public Test Realm is expected to receive Patch 10.1 soon.

The highly acclaimed game, World of Warcraft, is now available on PC.

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