World of Warcraft Fans Upset Over New Cash Shop Cosmetic

World of Warcraft gamers are not satisfied with the most recent item in the store. The addition of this transmog to the World of Warcraft cash shop has created a concerning pattern for Trading Post cosmetics.

Recently, some devotees of World of Warcraft spotted data files related to three decorative items – the Feathered Drape of the Guardian, the Feathered Cowl of the Guardian, and the Standard of the Guardian – that were based on the renowned wizard Medivh. But when the Trading Post shifted its selection for the month of May, these items were mistakenly added to the stock and then quickly taken away.

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Recent World of Warcraft fans were surprised to come across the Guardian Pack on the cash shop. It is available for $8 and is marked as a limited-time offer, expiring on May 31st. The Trading Post will not be able to offer the Pack again until at least three months afterwards, between September and December.

For the first time ever, World of Warcraft has offered an item in its cash shop that will eventually be made available in the Trading Post. This was seen earlier in April with the Waveborn Diplomat’s Regalia, which has an entry in the in-game Collections tab that identifies it as a Trading Post ensemble. Additionally, before the Trading Post was released, numerous items were removed from the cash shop, with Blizzard confirming that they may be featured in future monthly inventories of the new World of Warcraft function.

Players have expressed their dissatisfaction with this new development. World of Warcraft fans had anticipated that the items would be available on the Trading Post shortly, and they are disappointed to find out this won’t be happening for a few months. Many also feel that trying to sell them for money is quite unscrupulous, and that it could set a bad standard for monetizing the new feature – particularly since WoW previously declared the Trading Post should be exempt from the troubles of FOMO and RMT.

In contrast, a lot of players asserted that Blizzard was being up-front with its plans for the Guardian Pack, which was a good thing. Had it suddenly surfaced on the Trading Post, the response would have been far worse. Therefore, gamers have the option to make an impact on the company’s marketing strategies by either buying the transmog with either cash or Trader’s Tender.

The PC version of World of Warcraft is now obtainable.