Gameplay Video For Wild Hearts Highlights Mechanisms of Karakuri In-Game

As its launch in February approaches, Wild Hearts has uploaded a new gameplay trailer, offering viewers a greater comprehension of how Karakuri abilities will be employed during the game. The trailer displays a trio of gamers tackling the Golden Tempest, one of many Kemono enemies present in the game – colossal, menacing creatures integrated with nature which gamers must pursue throughout the game.

Since its initial reveal, Wild Hearts has been classified as a monster-hunting game, with an interesting addition – a building mechanic known as Karakuri. This ancient magical technology provides players with the means to construct structures, tools and weapons during battle, allowing them to gain an advantage.

The trailer illustrates the UI of the game, offering an insight into the Karakuri tools. After activation, a menu of input prompts is presented, and each input will create a unique structure. For example, clicking a button may generate a spring, allowing the players to jump and reach the Kemono. Additionally, the propeller is available, providing the players with the ability to fly after they have jumped.

At times, gamers would enter multiple commands quickly, resulting in complex structures, often used as barriers. It appeared that different commands were utilized to create a single structure, which could be the Fusion Karakuri as previous reports have suggested. To use these Karakuri tools, Karakuri threads are required, and these can be seen at the bottom of the screen with a numerical and graphical representation. The more intricate the tool or structure, the more threads are necessary.

As the fight continues, the tension appears to intensify with each successful attack against the Kemono. Players have access to restorative salves, but using them comes at the cost of reduced speed. The number of salves remaining is displayed on the bottom left of the screen; it is assumed that the capacity for salves increases as the game progresses, with the maximum being 17.

The trailer highlighted three distinct weapons. The Claw blade grants fluid aerial movements. The Cannon is a more conservative option for dealing damage from afar. Though their precise functions are unclear, there appear to be three different kinds of resources on the lower left of the Cannon. The Karakuri Staff, on the other hand, is the most straightforward of the three. Although it does not offer much evasiveness, it can expand momentarily and cause considerable harm.

On February 17, gamers can experience Wild Hearts on PlayStation 5, Xbox Series X|S, and PCs.

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