Why a Next-Gen Version of The Division 2 is Unlikely to Happen, According to Its Developer

Those with anticipation for Massive Entertainment’s Tom Clancy ‘s The Division 2 specifically designed for next-gen consoles may be disappointed, as the developer stated in a recent interview that it is “unlikely” to happen. After a period of technical issues that delayed the original launch date by a number of weeks, the popular looter shooter was updated with the debut of The Division 2 Season 11 at the end of last month.

In 2019, Tom Clancy ‘s The Division 2 was made available for PC and consoles, with the sequel taking its cover-based co-op action from the metropolis of New York to the disarray of Washington D.C. which is still suffering from the aftermath of the Dollar Flu virus unleashed before the original game. Despite a rough beginning with 2016’s pioneering but problematic Tom Clancy ‘s The Division, the follow-up managed to gain a loyal following due to an improved game loop and exclusive rewards that motivate players to come back to the looter shooter repeatedly. Ubisoft‘s Division Day recently revealed the Year 5 roadmap for the popular title, along with further information about the free-to-play side project The Division Heartland._

In a recent interview with gaming site MP1st, creative director Yannick Banchereau of The Division 2 has given a clear response to the prospect of releasing a version of the popular looter shooter specifically for the next-gen consoles. He stated that it is “unlikely to happen” as the game would not be available for the old generations if it were to take full advantage of the new consoles. Banchereau further emphasized that the studio made this decision to prevent the player base from being fragmented by excluding players with older hardware, as they are “not ready to leave them behind and ask them to upgrade.”

The news of The Division 2 not taking full advantage of next-gen consoles is sure to be a letdown for fans, but Massive Entertainment wants to ensure that a large portion of their playerbase is not excluded by not supporting older hardware. Additionally, due to the issues experienced by gamers on Steam when the game released, Massive may also be attempting to bypass any technical complications that would come with a new version of the game.

Players of The Division 2 on the new PS5 and Xbox Series X|S are fortunate to be able to experience improved framerates and resolutions in comparison to previous console models. Unfortunately, a next-gen version of the game appears to be off the table and recent reports have suggested that The Division 3 is not in the works at Ubisoft, meaning fans of the franchise may have to wait for a while before the game is optimized for modern consoles.

Tom Clancy’s The Division 2 can now be experienced on PC, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One.

Gaming enthusiasts are anticipating the release of Ubisoft’s XDefiant and how it will jump-start interest in Tom Clancy’s The Division 3. The closed beta, which has seen a surge in its playerbase, might be a sign that Ubisoft is gaining traction for the upcoming installment of their popular franchise. They are hoping the game will capture the attention of the market and regain some of the enthusiasm that was generated for The Division 2 and its Heartland expansion.

It appears unlikely that Tom Clancy’s The Division 2 will be receiving next-gen versions, as taking full advantage of the new hardware would leave the last-gen hardware behind. According to MP1st, taking full advantage of the capabilities of the next-gen consoles would result in the last-gen versions becoming obsolete.

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The closed beta of the upcoming first-person shooter XDefiant has generated considerable buzz, touted for its well-executed shooting mechanics, objective-based gameplay, and an array of factions from Ubisoft’s successful franchises – including The Division. This newfound attention, combined with the upcoming launch of The Division Heartland, could establish an ideal platform for the release of The Division 3.

XDefiant, a combination of some well-known shooters, has been played by over a million people since its closed beta launch. Its gameplay is reminiscent of Call of Duty and has been talked about by beta testers. Ubisoft has a long-standing involvement in the shooter genre and titles with live service, but many of its more recent multiplayer games have not been successful. However, there is a good chance that XDefiant can turn the tide for the publisher.

Ubisoft Gives Out Additional Information About The Division Heartland, Revealing Gameplay and Classes

XDefiant May Strengthen Other Ubisoft Labels

If XDefiant takes off, it could offer immense promotional value for upcoming Ubisoft games, as it features characters from Far Cry, Watch Dogs, Splinter Cell and The Division. This synergy could mean potential financial gains for Ubisoft through various sales tactics, like offering cosmetic items for pre-ordering games, or advertisement banners on the maps of XDefiant. As Ubisoft has experienced the struggles of Hyperscape, Roller Champions, and the canceled Ghost Recon Frontlines, it is hoped that the publisher will dedicate the necessary focus and resources for XDefiant to be successful.

Scheduled to release in 2023, The Division Heartland is a side-entry in the series placed in a more rural area. A video recently released by the developers showed off its more defined scope compared to the other two games in the series. In many ways, this appears to be an advancement of the Survival mode of the first game, with players needing to scavenge for food and water, as well as craft respirators to make it through the infected areas, while also fending off other players. Ubisoft is likely looking to make a successful new addition to the franchise, one that is capitalizing on the current popularity of extraction shooters, but it can also serve as a bridge between the main entries, building anticipation for the potential reveal of The Division 3.

Generating Excitement About Division 3

The studio behind the two The Division titles, Massive Entertainment, is currently finishing up work on Avatar: Frontiers of Pandora and has a secret Star Wars project in the pipeline. Should The Division 3 come to fruition, it could be developed by Massive, though this scenario would place it far from being the team’s primary focus. Instead, the more likely option would be for Red Storm to take the reins, as they have already been involved in the development of The Division 2 and Heartland. If this title ends up being a success, then it’s probable that Ubisoft would assign the studio to the IP, with an announcement for The Division 3 potentially being made in 2024.

Some hardcore The Division fans are already anticipating The Division 3, seeing it as a great way to experience the series’ unique setting, enticing loot loop, and the exciting Dark Zone. For others, Ubisoft’s new arena shooter XDefiant may serve as a reminder of the looter shooter they have been missing, and The Division Heartland will be there later in the year to reinforce that. With the closed beta of XDefiant already getting lots of attention, Ubisoft’s marketing team is presented with a great opportunity to capitalize on it.

Development is underway for The Division Heartland to be available on PC, PS4, PS5, Switch, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X/S.