Watch This Epic Skyrim Cross-Map Crossbow Kill

A Skyrim enthusiast recently posted a video featuring an unbelievable cross-map crossbow kill on an unsuspecting guard, with no hint that there was an NPC to be targeted. Since the game was released, the Skyrim fan base has been sharing a multitude of trick shot kills, but this one could be the most impressive of them all.

The meta of Skyrim combat often involves ranged weapons. Stealth archers in the game are practically unbeatable if they are constructed properly, letting players tear through any adversary without being noticed. Players have to resort to extreme cross-map kills to make up for the fact that creating a highly powerful stealth archer is so easy.

Redditor PlantLimp4094 posted a clip that shows a player shooting in the direction of a castle from a distance, as if hitting anything was an impossible feat. Nevertheless, the final shot causes one of Skyrim’s cinematic kill cams to activate, indicating a successful hit. The arrow flies across the map and kills an unsuspecting guard, leaving the user to justify the incident by claiming that “there was a 50/50 chance that soldier was an Imperial spy.” A second user suggested that the guard may have had kids to feed, and disliked his job as he was forced to take the position of a guard. It is clear that there may be more to the story than what is seen at first glance.

Oops my bad,didn’t even know someone was there
by u/PlantLimp4094 in skyrim

The player reported that they were checking the velocity and drop of their bolt by shooting it at the castle. Unfortunately, they stated they were part of the Stormcloak group, meaning they had just killed one of their own. Thankfully, they couldn’t be expelled from the faction, so their membership would remain secure despite this blunder.

The prospect of what could be possible in The Elder Scrolls 6’s combat system is exhilarating, as it can still provide the same thrills of watching a Skyrim player take down an adversary with creative maneuvers. Now that Starfield is nearly out, gamers can soon get an insight into what the combat of the sequel will entail.

The Elder Scrolls 5: Skyrim – Anniversary Edition has now been released on PC, PS4, PS5, Switch, Xbox One, and the Xbox Series X/S.