Development Of Vanillaware Game Teased In 2019 Is Coming To A Close

George Kamitani, a co-founder of Vanillaware, has announced that a project that was first hinted at in 2019 is soon going to be finished. He referred to this as “one of Vanillaware’s most significant projects”.

While speaking to Nintendoers, as translated by Gematsu, George Kamitani discussed many facets of game development and how much time it takes him to create titles. After the interview, the interviewer inquired about the future of Vanillaware, and Kamitani replied, “In March 2019, due to some undisclosed reasons, we only released the 13 Sentinels: Aegis Rim prologue, which included a video for the subsequent game. And now, it’s done.”

This as yet untitled follow-up game appears to have a medieval fantasy setting based on the teaser, which includes a panning shot of cavalry culminating in a single soldier facing the camera. It is unclear what kind of game it is, but it could be either an RPG or an SRPG. Understandably, the title hasn’t been revealed yet, as the game is still yet to be officially announced. The title will likely be revealed and the game launched this year, as development is coming to an end.

Kamitani has stated that the upcoming title is not one he is directing and is rather Vanillaware’s biggest production to date, so fans should be highly anticipating it. He also teased a new project that he will be directing, but it will take several years until it’s finished. In the meantime, GrimGrimoire Once More is set for release in April for PC, PlayStation 5, PlayStation 4, and Switch. No further details were given about the project, so it is assumed to be in its initial stages.

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