Unusual Genshin Impact Glitch Gives Gorou Incredible Attack Speed

An Genshin Impact gamer has reported an intriguing glitch that significantly boosts the attack speed of the Geo bow user Gorou. Glitches are common in the realm of Teyvat and, while they may sometimes spoil a 3-star Spiral Abyss attempt, most are not harmful and can actually enhance the overall gaming experience.

The current iteration of Genshin Impact – version 3.6 – has included two fresh subregions to its desert sector from Sumeru, Gavireh Lajavard and Realm of Farakhkert. As the game continues to grow, players have been noticing a variety of bugs, such as invisible platforms and invincible enemies.

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An interesting video, posted by the Reddit user Smallreblogger, was brought to attention in the Genshin Impact domain. The video shows a group of players, with one character, a Geo user named Gorou, experiencing a strange glitch that transforms him into an arrow machine gun. Several comments suggest that this glitch is quite common and can be triggered by rapid pressing of the aim and shoot commands on a certain type of controller. His fast attack animation makes this glitch even more effective. Other players have reported that it is impossible to reach the attack speed in the video even if the spam technique is used. Check out the Reddit thread here.

Someone please tell me what the dog doin?
by u/Smallreblogger in Genshin_Impact

The post earned a great deal of focus on the game’s official subreddit, with some gamers asserting that the player likely uses a particular kind of software to generate this speed. Nevertheless, some Travelers have cautioned that gamers should be mindful when using similar software in the game, as it can easily lead to a permanent account ban. Numerous players suppose that HoYoverse may have deliberately left this bug in the game in order to strengthen Gorou’s place in the current character meta in Genshin Impact.

Presently, his character is very conditional as his set of skills is optimized for having as numerous Geo characters in-game as possible. The only feasible squad formation for this four-star bow wielder is likely the Mono-Geo party with either three or four Geo characters in it.

Gorou and the five-star Geo user Arataki Itto are frequently seen together, which is likely because of the lack of popularity of Geo characters after the introduction of the Dendro element. This is due to the fact that Geo characters cannot take part in any of the new elemental reactions.

Genshin Impact can now be accessed on Mobile, PC, PS4, and PS5. Additionally, a version for the Switch is currently in the works.