Ubisoft will give viewers a sneak peek of their new game, Skull and Bones, tomorrow on January 13.

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Ubisoft Will Show Off Exclusive Skull And Bones Gameplay

Ubisoft has declared that a video highlighting the details of their upcoming swashbuckling title Skull and Bones will be released tomorrow. The video will provide exclusive gameplay, as well as information about the game’s story. On Twitter, the Skull and Bones team clarified why the game has been delayed again by saying: “Our goal and energy remain the same – to provide the best gaming experience to our players from the start. This extra time will enable us to offer further improvements and balancing to our game experience, taking into account your feedback from prior testing.” The post goes on to state that even though the game still needs further work, they plan on giving regular updates to users about its progress. There will also be more information concerning the new launch date and future testing phases “very soon.” It was previously reported that Ubisoft has put together a “strike team” in the Ubisoft Paris studio to work with Ubisoft Singapore (the head studio for Skull and Bones) to guarantee that the game is completed.

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