Twitch Streamer xQc Responds to Accusations of Audience Abuse in Gaming Community

xQc, a Twitch streamer, has reacted after Kaceytron, another content creator, charged him with manipulating and abusing his ex-partner Adept through his viewers. This altercation came after the most-viewed Twitch streamer tacitly approved of the mistreatment conservative YouTuber Steven Crowder inflicted on his former spouse Hilary Crowder in an exposed video.

Crowder has recently let it be known that he and his ex have been involved in divorce proceedings since 2021. Yashar Ali then released a Substack newsletter that included footage from a Ring Camera in the Crowder residence. In the video, Steven is seen smoking near Hilary, who was eight months pregnant, and reprimanding her for not carrying out her “wifely duties”. Ali’s newsletter went on to say that off-camera, Steven’s temper heightened and he bellowed at Hilary. It is rumored that Hilary refused to give medicine to their pets, out of fear that it might be harmful to her due to her pregnancy, a behavior that caused Steven to question their marriage.

The Twitter account xQcChatMessages, which tweets every message xQc types into his Twitch chat, exposed him raising the question of why people were jumping to “absurd” conclusions based on leaked video/audio. He continued on to suggest “most negative interactions look like ‘abuse’ when you leak particular clips” and referred to the Johnny Depp/Amber Heard court case as proof of his argument. Kaceytron then posted in the Discord server of the left-wing Twitch streamer Hasan Piker, that was critical of xQc’s opinion and labeled it “a major red flag” that he did not believe what was shown in the leaked video of Crowder to be abuse.

Kaceytron argued that XQC had allegedly utilized his massive fan-base to mistreat Adept which is a subject of a highly-debated legal case. In response, xQc portrayed Kaceytron’s thoughts as “unhinged” in a stream clip. He also pointed out that Hasan Piker had postulated that xQc’s initial reaction to the Crowder video could have been due to issues between him and Adept. Piker emphasized that there is no evidence to support such claims.

Kaceytron tweeted a thread that appears to show xQc insulting her, such as saying something like “the weight of that thing is [measured] on the richter scale”. xQc argued that he was referring to the “dark souls boss ‘smough'”, but many have been unconvinced. Recently, xQc posted a YouTube video with the title “This Disgusting Streamer Started Drama With Me” and Kaceytron’s quote in the thumbnail reads “xQc is a manipulator and abuser”. This is in contrast to what she wrote in Hascord that she doesn’t view xQc as “a straight up abuser”.