Twitch Has Prohibited MurderCrumpet

MurderCrumpet, a Partner of Twitch and a VRChat celebrity, was surprised to find himself banned from streaming on the night of March 3. Much to the surprise of the streamer and his spectators, Twitch decided to impose the ban on MurderCrumpet during his live transmission.

Twitch has been unsparing in their implementation of bans across the platform this year. From smaller streamers to JustAMinx, suspensions of various durations have been issued. However, when looking at the case of MurderCrumpet, it is hard to determine if the punishment was appropriate.

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After three years on the Amazon-owned streaming platform, MurderCrumpet received a seven-day ban for his first offense. Fans of the VRChat streamer were quick to question the ban and took to social media to do so. MurderCrumpet himself apologized on Twitter for his conduct, which was deemed as lewd in VRChat, with his avatar being seen in compromising positions. Twitch’s terms of service forbid this kind of behavior, yet fans argued that other streamers had been given shorter bans for similar violations, and accused Twitch of singling out VRChat personalities.

At the time of this writing, MurderCrumpet has not yet responded to the ban. Being a streamer that concentrates on consistent content creation, it is uncertain if he will adhere to his followers’ advice and take a break from Twitch. Despite VRChat’s varied conflicts in the past, the free-to-play virtual reality platform has become a popular place for streamers and followers to communicate. Although MurderCrumpet is mindful of what and who he permits on his streams, only time will tell how the ban will affect his future activities.

Once MurderCrumpet has completed his sentence, he will return to streaming. Now that Kick has become a major contender in the streaming world, with its higher payouts and features like clips, it is uncertain what Twitch will do about its terms of service and ban policies in the foreseeable future.

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