Trailer for ‘Wanted: Dead’ Unveils the Game’s Villains and Bosses

A gameplay trailer for the third-person game Wanted: Dead has recently been released, featuring the different adversaries the player will face on their journey. It won’t be a simple task to take them down, as even the most basic enemies in the game could be a potential cause of the player’s downfall.

Announced in 2021, Soleil Game Studios’ Wanted: Dead brings the demanding and gratifying combat of Ninja Gaiden into a 21st-century cyberpunk-themed action game. The game requires precision and punishes wrong moves harshly, yet progress is earned with each victory and leads the player to an understanding of the game’s mechanics. The player takes the role of Hannah Stone, a police officer from Hong Kong who must battle futuristic private militaries, mercenaries and criminal enterprises during her investigation.

The new gameplay trailer for Wanted: Dead showcases its foes, from little foot soldiers to colossal walking tanks. This game was designed with feedback from the community in mind, with the AI being made both tough and challenging. Some weaker adversaries include mercenaries and mechanized workers armed with tools and basic firearms, among many others. Players will have to act quickly and identify the most dangerous foes to survive the waves of enemies, as different groups will employ different strategies and attack styles. Even if a limb is removed, enemies remain in the fight and can still be a threat if players are not cautious.

Trailer for Wanted Dead

In Wanted: Dead, players will be faced with formidable foes such as ninjas and mercenaries in exosuits. If gamers are finding the game too difficult, they can access the Neko Chan mode which gives Hannah cat ears and makes it easier to progress. Alongside these enemies, there are also challenging bosses like an assassin with a cloaking device, a swift swordfighter, and a huge walking tank.

Those who are big fans of hardcore action games will have their hands full as they try to learn the ins and outs of Wanted Dead and make it through its boss battles. Meanwhile, the Neko Chan mode is perfect for those who are seeking a more relaxed experience, allowing them to focus more on progressing through the story.

On February 14, Wanted: Dead will be available to play on PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One and Xbox Series X/S.

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