The Shockwave Hammer in Fortnite Is Still Malfunctioning

Once the latest update had been applied, it became apparent that the Shockwave Hammer was still not working, suggesting that it might be taken out of Fortnite once more, and earlier than anticipated. Whenever a new Fortnite season is started, a large quantity of content is added to the game, a new Battle Pass arrives, some map spots are completely transformed, new weapons are included and some already existing weapons are re-introduced. Regrettably, there is a certain melee weapon in this season that has been causing a few difficulties.

The Shockwave Hammer, a new Fortnite weapon released in Chapter 4 Season 1, has been a source of debate. As soon as the season’s trailer was released, people were eager to use this new weapon. Unfortunately, upon starting their first matches, gamers found that the Shockwave Hammer was too powerful and glitchy.

Despite the numerous changes made to the Shockwave Hammer in the past, the issue still remains. Players have reported a bug that prevents them from properly using the hammer; when attempting to bounce, the glitch will leave them stuck in mid-air and unable to move. No matter how many times they try to activate the bounce option, the same glitch will occur.

The Shockwave Hammer glitch prior to this caused gamers to bounce endlessly on command, which caused it to be removed from the game as it was being exploited. This new bug, on the other hand, cannot be taken advantage of, but is still a major issue as it causes the game to crash for those affected. The following game update is expected to come out on Tuesday, although Epic Games might release a hotfix sooner to resolve the issue or vault the Shockwave Hammer once more.

The comments section of fans was abuzz with theories that this glitch might be brought about by the Reality Augments activated by gamers. Although Epic Games may eventually explain the source of this bug, its origin is still unclear. This season of Fortnite has been especially plagued with glitches, making it difficult for players to have a satisfactory experience. It is to be hoped that the second half of the season will be less susceptible to these issues, and players will be able to play without the fear of the game being ended prematurely due to a bug.

Fortnite can be played on Mobile, PC, PS4, PS5, Nintendo Switch, Xbox One, and the latest Xbox Series X/S.

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