The Last of Us 2 Grave Detail: A Heartbreaking Moment in Gaming History

In The Last of Us Part 2, a player has discovered a detail that was hidden in plain sight, situated close to an important character’s gravestone. This discovery adds an even more profound sadness to the game, making The Last of Us 2 even more heartbreakingly brilliant.

The Last of Us Part 2 was widely acclaimed at The Game Awards for its ability to emotionally devastate both characters and players alike. Of all the heartbreaking moments in the game, none can compare to the death of Joel, who is killed by a stranger using a golf club. The emotional toll of this event on Ellie is immense, as she loses a father figure she had grown to love and a part of herself in the process. Later, she is seen mourning Joel’s death in front of his gravestone, symbolizing both the loss of Joel and the part of her that died with him.

It is advisable that The Last of Us 3 should mark the end of Ellie’s story, according to some.

The impact of Joel’s death in The Last of Us is apparent when Ellie is seen at his grave. Though Ellie’s feelings of sorrow are evident, the meaning of the blue hydrangeas she left at his resting place may not be. A Reddit user, Hrvycc, was the first to take notice of the flower and researched what it meant in Japanese culture. It was discovered that blue hydrangeas signify regret, apology, and forgiveness – all of which characterize the bond between Joel and Ellie.

The scene of Joel’s grave in The Last of Us is among the most sorrowful, and this small detail regarding the flowers elevates Ellie’s decline into sorrow in the game. Ellie could be grappling with regret for a few reasons. It’s possible she’s dealing with survivor’s guilt since she survived and Joel didn’t. Also, she might be remorseful for getting angry with him the day before his death or for not being able to get to him before the fatal golf club swing.

The Last of Us franchise is noted for its impactful symbolism; whether it’s the moth tattoo or the heartbreaking scene when Ellie battles Abby in Last of Us 2. Followers of the series are familiar with searching for hidden meanings within each playthrough, but this detail concerning Joel’s tombstone is no less meaningful.

The Last of Us Part 2 is now accessible for both PS4 and PS5 consoles.