A Zombie-based Survival Video Game with an Open World Setting, Similar to Battlefield and DayZ

Samar Studio has revealed the initial trailer for The Front, a survival open-world shooter that incorporates crafting mechanics. Gamers must protect themselves from swarms of zombies. The footage of action-filled video provides a glimpse at The Front, making it appear to be a combination of Battlefield and DayZ.

The past few years have seen survival games become increasingly popular, and this was recently highlighted by the success of Sons of the Forest. For those that enjoy this genre, the new title The Front is sure to provide an exciting challenge. This post-apocalyptic sandbox has zombie-like mutants that the player, as a member of humanity’s resistance, must battle against. The aim is to prevent a tyrannical empire from altering history through the use of its advanced technology and time-travel abilities.

Samar Studio has released the first trailer for their upcoming open-world survival shooter game, The Front, highlighting the variety of features it has to offer. In the action-packed video, viewers got a glimpse at the different weapons players will be able to use against mutated creatures and imperial forces, ranging from assault rifles to baseball bats. Additionally, The Front includes 400 tech formulas to learn and 20 types of defenses and traps that can be used to construct a base and protect oneself from outside threats, such as catapults, meat grinders, venomous gas, and electrified devices.

The Front features an expansive 36 square kilometer open world with mountaintops, lush forests, and snowy landscapes. Players can upgrade a variety of land, air, and sea vehicles with armor and weapons. This game has a realistic day/night cycle and ten different weather types, such as fog, thunderstorms, and snowstorms. Survival enthusiasts must stay aware of ten distinct survival indices, such as hunger, thirst, hypothermia, and infection.

Players who enjoy survival games can keep their anticipation alive for The Front by playing games such as Sons of the Forest, where they must fend off cannibalistic mutants, Stranded Deep, which has them surviving on an isolated island, or Rust, which has new features coming. Another highly anticipated title hitting shelves in 2023 is The Day Before, a post-apocalyptic game that recently released 10 minutes of gameplay footage in its latest trailer.

PC users will soon be able to take advantage of the upcoming The Front.

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