The long-awaited release of The Division 2 on Steam has recently occurred, however, it has been met with a diverse range of opinions.

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The Division 2 on Steam

Tom Clancy’s The Division 2 has been made available on Steam but has been met with lukewarm responses from players due to some performance issues. The game was initially released in 2019 for consoles and PCs using Ubisoft’s Connect platform and the Epic Games Store. On January 12th, the game was finally released on Steam, much like its 2016 prequel. However, within a day, the player reviews for the game were Mixed, as per The Gamer, due to its buggy state, the lack of achievements and trading cards, and the necessity to install Ubisoft’s third-party client Connect. Out of the 262 reviews that have been recorded on the Steam page, 62% have been positive.

Though there have been reports of bugs being present in the Steam version, crashes have been reported as well. A player stated that the crashing issue has been around for two years and affects PlayStation, Xbox and PC users alike. They go on to list the positives of the game, but also the negatives, such as the no achievement problem, performance issues, end-game content being locked behind DLC, and incompatibility with Steam Deck. Ubisoft has yet to address these issues. Recently, Ubisoft announced that Skull and Bones have been delayed once again.

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