Ten Minutes of Footage Debuts From Zombie Survival Multiplayer Game The Day Before Launch

Originally intended to launch in 2021, the post-apocalyptic shooter The Day Before has had multiple delays and problems, leading to doubt and suspicions among players that it had turned out to be like Abandoned, also facing multiple issues. The developer Fntastic recently gave their promise to release 10 minutes of new gameplay but then backed out due to a copyright issue, but soon changed their mind and released the footage on February 2, 2023.

At one point, The Day Before was one of the highly-regarded survival-crafting titles on Steam, but the listing was removed and has yet to be replaced, leaving fans feeling concerned. It seems the developer, Fntastic, is having legal issues that have not been good for their reputation, as the studio was previously only known for small releases. It appears that Fntastic, a studio relying on volunteers, may have taken on too much.

Although the circumstances regarding The Day Before have been odd, the developer has managed to deliver the promised game footage within the given time. The trailer indicates that crafting and weapon customization are the main features of the game, while the combat appears to be basic, similar to those of titles such as DayZ. However, the footage appears to be limited and somewhat contrived, which has caused worries among those anticipating the launch of the game.

Originally, the developers had planned for the release of The Day Before to be in 2021, however they decided to switch to the Unreal 5 engine and push the date back to March 2023. Regrettably, at the end of January, they revealed that the title was going to be delayed again, this time until November 2023. Although it is not unreasonable to postpone a game in order to better the development process, having multiple delays is often not a good indication of the project’s progress.

Despite its tarnished image thanks to years of mismanagement from disorganized developers, The Day Before could benefit from the early access route. While it may not be complete, the latest gameplay trailer appears to show enough content to potentially end the delays by releasing a playable prototype soon. Even if it is not what was originally planned, it could help restore the title’s and the developer’s reputation.

The Day Before will be released for PC, PlayStation 5, and Xbox Series X on November 10th of 2023.

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