Callisto Protocol Offers a Hardcore Mode as Free Update

The latest iteration of The Callisto Protocol, released in early December 2022, is now available across all platforms, boasting a new difficulty level: Hardcore Mode. Despite receiving lukewarm reviews and a rather ambivalent response from the public, developers have since implemented a number of upgrades to enhance the game’s offerings.

The most recent update to The Callisto Protocol, the New Game+ feature, was highly awaited by its fans as it promised to provide more replayability. While the game had its own merits, the lack of replayability was a significant drawback. New Game+ addressed this issue to a certain degree, yet Striking Distance Studios hasn’t given up, continuing to work on the game.

Update 3.02 of The Callisto Protocol has come as a shock to players on all platforms, bringing with it a range of new challenges, fixes, and the highly-anticipated Hardcore Mode. This mode is sure to push the boundaries of even the stoutest Callisto fans, as it grants less loot and more powerful enemies, along with a spike in the Biophages’ mutation speeds. PC users will be able to take advantage of improved raytracing performance and Steam Deck users may enjoy the updated control scheme and improved UI legibility. Finally, Season Pass holders now have access to a selection of new skins, inspired by the Outer Way guerilla fighters.

Striking Distance Studios is doing their best to keep The Callisto Protocol afloat, even though information from the game’s publisher, Krafton, has shown that it has underperformed in sales. As a AAA single-player horror title, Callisto has the possibility of gaining a cult following if the developer keeps improving the game and its DLC turns out to be desirable.

Striking Distance Studios had a difficult challenge to face with The Callisto Protocol due to the comparisons drawn with the 2008 Dead Space remake. Such a connection was natural due to the IP being a spiritual successor to the original game, yet it has been hard for gamers to differentiate the two and the reviews of the new title have not been in its favor.

It is widely acknowledged that Dead Space far exceeds The Callisto Protocol in almost every aspect apart from its visuals. Some would contend that Callisto is competitive in terms of gameplay, but its graphical quality is remarkably impressive. Thus, the raytracing enhancement provided by the latest update has been particularly remarkable.

The Callisto Protocol can now be played on PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X/S.

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