Student Suffers Cardiac Episode After Drinking Prime: Is Gaming Culture to Blame?

A school cautioned against the energy drink “Prime” created by YouTube celebrities Logan Paul and KSI following a student’s cardiac episode which was assumed to be a result of drinking the said beverage. Since its launch in January 2022, the product has gained immense fame due to the YouTubers’ followers, so much that there have been reported altercations among shoppers in the UK.

Paul and KSI have achieved great things with Prime, including securing a Super Bowl ad spot and being named the official drink of the UFC. Nonetheless, the product has been met with some criticism, like a number of nutritionists cautioning parents to not let their children ingest Prime because of its substantial caffeine content.

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Milton Primary School in Newport, Wales sent a warning to parents after a student experienced a cardiac episode and had to have their stomach pumped due to drinking Prime. Fortunately, the student was said to be alright after being taken to the hospital. As of now, no statement has been made by Prime or the YouTube creators about the incident.

Prime Energy’s website reports that their product contains 200mg of caffeine, however this was lowered to 140mg in the UK. They warn that the drink should not be consumed by those under 18 years old, pregnant women, nursing mothers, or people who are sensitive to caffeine.

Many teenagers have been requesting their parents to buy Prime, partially due to its association with Paul and KSI from YouTube and its bright colours. In fact, its variants have been sold out on the official website and resold by scalpers. This could be due to the fact that many people love the drink, and young viewers may want to be part of the trend in order to seem “cool”.

Regardless of the various worries concerning Prime energy drink, neither Paul nor KSI appear perturbed by the censure. In fact, Paul divulged that he earned $250 million in Prime retail sales as of February this year. Although it may be a debatable drink, it might not be vanishing soon. However, what they might imagine is guardians all over the world urging them to keep kids from trying the product.

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A primary school student had a cardiac episode while at school recently. It was reported that paramedics were called to the school where the child had a sudden cardiac event. The pupil was subsequently taken to hospital for further medical treatment.