New Additions to the Roster of Street Fighter 6 Confirmed

Capcom recently revealed that three fresh combatants will be featured in Street Fighter 6, two of which are beloved characters from prior versions and one is a fresh World Warrior. It was back in February when the studio launched a countdown to make the Street Fighter 6 announcement, along with a trailer of the aged Ryu clashing against the Street Fighter 5 addition, Luke.

For a few months, Capcom has unveiled information about the upcoming Street Fighter 6, including its art style, World Tour campaign mode and Battle Hub lobby. Additionally, several characters in the game have also been revealed, from the iconic Chun-Li to newcomer Jamie. With the game’s launch still some months away, there is still plenty of time for Capcom to showcase the ever-growing list of martial artists players will be able to play and fight.

At the recent PlayStation State of Play livestream, a trailer for Street Fighter 6 was revealed and three new characters were announced. First, iconic Russian wrestler, Zangief was seen in Street Fighter 2, which was released in 1991. Next, Lilly, a never-before-seen character uses spiritual powers to damage her enemies. Lastly, Cammy, who was first seen in Super Street Fighter 2: The New Challengers and uses her flips and kicks to inflict harm.

Hardcore fighting game fanatics are soon going to have the opportunity to observe more of Street Fighter 6 in action, since both the Capcom Pro Tour 2023 and EVO 2023 will exhibit the game before its release date on June 2. Moreover, the first installment of a Street Fighter 6 prequel comic miniseries is planned to be published during Free Comic Book Day on May 6.

Without a doubt, the key aspect of any terrific fighting title is the wide range of characters you can choose from – and Street Fighter 6 looks to offer a mix of familiar favorites and brand-new faces. Zangief, Cammy and Lilly are the most recent characters unveiled for Street Fighter 6, with more likely to be revealed in the months before the highly anticipated launch date.

Street Fighter 6 will be available to the public on June 2 for multiple platforms, such as PC, PS4, PS5, and Xbox Series X/S.

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