Strange Pokemon Fusion Art Combines Mewtwo and Magikarp

A crafty Pokemon enthusiast was motivated to create a peculiar sculpture, blending Magikarp and Mewtwo together. Through the years, the popular Game Freak franchise’s array of vivid characters have instigated a great deal of fascinating Pokemon fan art; however, this peculiar combination of two well-known Pokemon might be one of the more peculiar homages yet.

Making its entrance into the gaming world in 1996 with Pocket Monsters Red and Green, which were later renamed Pokemon Red and Blue in North America and Europe, Game Freak’s franchise soon grew to be a sensation around the world. 30 years later, the Pokemon franchise has put out more than 100 games across multiple gaming consoles, multiple movies and animated series, and loads of merchandise that feature the vibrant and collectible creatures. As gamers are aware, the team at Game Freak is responsible for the Pokemon games, and it was recently announced that their newest project is a samurai game titled “Project Bloom” (Game Freak is working on a samurai game).

A fan artist has created a hybrid Pokemon that brings together Armarouge and Ceruledge – check out the incredible fusion art here!

In a recent post on r/Pokemon, crossingcrafts shared a photo of their incredibly imaginative and rather creepy Pokemon fusion fan art. They labeled their artwork as “cursed” and it featured a Mewtwo and Magikarp combination. The sculpture was based on the Pokemon Infinite Fusion project, with Mewtwo’s body shape and pose, while having Magikarp’s red hue. Additionally, topping off the hybrid was a golden crown from Magikarp and Mewtwo’s signature scowl.

Despite its unique look, the level of detail in the sculpture is amazing, even the small features like the water at its feet seem to contribute to making it look sophisticated. Pokemon followers who saw the image commended crossingcrafts’ sculpting skills, although some of them laughed at the outcome. One viewer humorously asked, “Does Arceus also stay in heaven to avoid the Fusion Generator?” There were also debates about the name for the strange creature, with some Redditors suggesting that it should be called MewKarp. One Redditor jokingly mentioned that the figure looks menacing, but it probably won’t be able to do much but splash and tackle.

This awe-inspiring amalgamation of Mewtwo and Magikarp is a testament to the creative works of Pokemon fans. Even though the creature is a bit intimidating to look at, it would be an extraordinary addition to any fan’s collection. As such, it serves as a great showpiece.