Strange Mass Effect 2 Glitch: Commander Shepard in Heaps of Debt

The Mass Effect 2 game has recently revealed a strange and funny bug that has caused Commander Shepard to rack up large amounts of debt. Glitches like these have been a common occurence in the Mass Effect franchise throughout the years.

The protagonist of Mass Effect, Commander Shepard, is widely cherished in the gaming world. Fans are hoping for the character to come back for the future of the franchise, and players are still looking for signs that Shepard is included in BioWare‘s plans for Mass Effect 4. Although it seems improbable, players should not make any definitive assumptions until the developer confirms the news.

Recently, a video of a feline playing the mini-game from Mass Effect 2 has been making the rounds. It shows the cat interacting with the planet scanning game, and it’s pretty hilarious.

Redditor ThatGermanMustache recently shared a snapshot of a peculiar occurrence in Mass Effect, one that saw Commander Shepard, the protagonist of the game, find themselves deeply in debt. This has been a point of contention for some gamers since the release of Mass Effect 2, as the economy has been difficult to manage. However, it’s not meant to let players put themselves in such a situation. Although the initial poster didn’t explain how this happened, one commenter proposed that it may be the result of an integer glitch where the sum of money is too great for the game to display.

In the thread, players proposed their own lore-friendly theories on the cause of this problem. One player theorized that it was a result of Shepard having too many favorite stores on the Citadel in Mass Effect 2. There was plenty of discussion on the differences between Mass Effect 1 and Mass Effect 2, in regards to money spending. It appears that in Mass Effect 1, it is impossible to run out of cash, as the game’s economy fails to keep up with the player’s progress. On the other hand, Mass Effect 2 makes money harder to come by, with some believing it goes too far.

The fan base of the Mass Effect franchise is now optimistic about what the future holds, with potential news about the next installment coming out this year. Already, teasers for Mass Effect 4 have been released, though BioWare has yet to release further details. After Mass Effect: Andromeda experienced a bumpy launch in 2017, many thought the series was done for good. However, the successful release of Mass Effect: Legendary Edition in 2021 reminded BioWare that fans are still interested in the franchise – as long as the product is up to their standards.

The Mass Effect: Legendary Edition is available on PC, PS4, and Xbox One platforms.