Steamforged Announces Gears Of War in the year 2023

To celebrate the 16th anniversary of the Gears of War franchise, The Coalition revealed that it has teamed up with Netflix to produce a live-action movie based on the series.

Steamforged Games declared that it is joining forces with Xbox and The Coalition to create a board game adaptation of the popular Gears of War franchise. The studio revealed its plans for Gears of War: The Card Game on Twitter, informing that it will be ready for release in 2023. Little is known about the project, though from the promotional images a rulebook can be seen. Steamforged Games, the developer behind popular tabletop versions of Elden Ring, Dark Souls, Resident Evil, Horizon Zero Dawn, Devil May Cry and Monster Hunter World, is developing Gears of War: The Card Game. It is likely that the game will be divided into chapters, with players being able to upgrade their decks to keep up with the game. Also, they will have to adjust their tactics during the game, requiring creativity and strategy.

Steamforged Games is also working on Elden Ring and Runescape adaptations set to release in 2024. The first mention of a tabletop adaptation of Gears of War was in 2020, but there were no updates on it until now. The synopsis of the previous Gears of War card game may give players an idea of what to expect from Steamforged. In other related news, The Coalition has recently partnered with Netflix to make a live-action movie of the series to celebrate the 16th anniversary of the franchise.

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