Star Wars and Mass Effect Tattoo Design: A Perfect Combination for Gamers

A famous phrase from Mass Effect and Star Wars is “A long time ago, in a galaxy far, far away…”. One fan of the former series has gone so far as to combine the two universes’ visuals in a permanent tattoo, exemplifying how the two could be blended.

The Star Wars franchise and the Mass Effect series share many commonalities beyond their outer space setting. Both tell the story of a small group of individuals who must work together to battle a powerful, shared enemy. They both emphasize the importance of interspecies unity and feature advanced technology, enabling them to traverse the galaxy in a short time. Moreover, the two series have Bioware in common, being that the developer created the much-loved Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic before making the Mass Effect trilogy in the following years.

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A mega-fan of two separate franchises combined their iconography into one tattoo. Reddit user Ramonramonra showed off their ink, which was a take on a famous image of Luke Skywalker on Tatooine watching the twin suns set. The tattoo, however, has only one sun, with the other replaced by a Mass Relay from the Mass Effect series which facilitates interstellar travel.

The tattoo has an unexpected level of tidiness for something that combines two very popular properties, and the slight inclusion of Mass Effect imagery in an initially Star Wars inspired design is a clever trick by Ramonramonra to identify the real fanatics in a crowd. It’s uncertain why there is a cat next to the representation of Luke. Maybe it’s an individual touch, or maybe it’s a reference to the infamous “cats aren’t food” dialogue from Mass Effect: Andromeda.

It has been observed by many that Mass Effect draws more inspiration from Star Trek than from Star Wars. However, there are no tribbles present in this image, so one can simply admire the creative tattoo that ties together two beloved stories that take place in the sky.

Development of a new Mass Effect title is in progress.