Spider-Man: Across The Spider-Verse Writer Compares Movie To Star Wars

Christopher Miller, the writer and producer for Spider-Man: Across the Spider-Verse, has praised the movie by drawing a comparison to a much-loved Star Wars sequel. This comes after the film was warmly received in pre-screenings.

The sequel to the successful 2018 animated feature Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse, Spider-Man: Across the Spider-Verse, helped to introduce Miles Morales, a young graffiti artist from Earth-1610, to the mainstream. After the death of the world’s Peter Parker, Miles inherits the mantle of Spider-Man. His popularity has since grown and has been featured in various forms of media, including a highly-rated video game adaptation which stands at the top of the Marvel video game tier list.

A comparison of what Marvel’s Spider-Man’s Peter Parker would look like with longer hair can be seen here. Visuals of the superhero with a different hairstyle can be examined.

As the new movie centering on the character is set to be released, many are drawing favorable parallels to another beloved story. When interviewed by Empire regarding Spider-Man: Across the Spider-Verse , Miller, who was involved with the film as both a writer and producer, noted, “Those who have seen the movie have indicated that it has the feel of The Empire Strikes Back of the Spider-Verse series. This picture takes us to places we have not previously seen and has an emotional storyline that sets up the need for the third installment. We believe this is our ‘Empire.'” This is a big compliment, considering many believe The Empire Strikes Back is the best in the Star Wars franchise and is one of the top science fiction films.

In Spider-Man: Across the Spider-Verse, Kemp Powers had comments that draw parallels between Miles’ journey and that of Luke Skywalker. He noted that Miles initially thought he would not see his friends again, but then he reconnected with Gwen and learned she was part of a team of Spider-People on a mission to protect the Multiverse. This leads him to embark on a journey of different worlds. Fans are likely eager to see Miles explore the live-action Marvel Cinematic Universe, home to Tom Holland’s version of Peter Parker. According to insiders like Morbius director Daniel Espinosa, it is likely that Miles Morales will eventually join the mainline MCU continuity.

It may take a while before we see Miles Morales make his debut in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. Kevin Feige has mentioned that the story for Tom Holland’s Spider-Man 4 has already been set and there is no indication of any crossover or multiverse themes. For the moment, Miles still has an animated movie to look forward to, the third film in the series, Spider-Man: Beyond the Spider-Verse, which is scheduled for release in 2024. Following the pattern of the past Spider-Man movies, this will likely be the last film in the trilogy, leaving the door open for a live-action Miles to enter the MCU during Phase 6.

Miles Morales’ entrance into the MCU is likely to be beneficial, as the rest of the MCU is struggling with superhero fatigue but fans seem to be more interested in the animated feature and its sequel than ever before. This may be due to the fresh appeal that Miles brings, but the same could be said for other solo Spider-Man projects, such as the successful video game series, which has been popular despite the fact that other Marvel video games have not had the same success as the films in the MCU.

Spider-Man: Across the Spider-Verse will be hitting the big screen on June 2, 2023.

In Marvel’s Spider-Man 2, players can experience Miles Morales having multiple romantic possibilities, such as Hailey Cooper, Gwen Stacy, and Kamala Khan. This article provides more information about this.

In a recent conversation with Empire, Chris Miller had some exciting news about the upcoming Spider-Man: Across the Spider-Verse movie: it is said to be modeled after the classic The Empire Strikes Back. Miller stated that the movie will be “ambitious” and will be an “incredible adventure” that is sure to please fans. He added that it is “going to be really special”.

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In Marvel’s Spider-Man 2 by Insomniac, the relationship between Peter Parker and Mary Jane is already set, but what about Miles Morales? Since the game allows players to take on both versions of the iconic hero, it is likely to give a detailed look into Miles and his circle of friends.

In Spider-Man from Insomniac, Miles Morales has been linked before to Gwen Stacy, but the game seems to be introducing street artist Hailey Cooper as a potential romantic interest for the Spider-Man of Harlem. That being said, there are tons of other directions the developers could go.

It Has Been Proposed That Marvel’s Spider-Man 2 Could Make Exploring More Enjoyable By Enhancing a Fundamental Functionality: Gamerant.com Discusses How Exploration and Traversal May Be Improved With Increased Environment Interactions.

It appears that Hailey Cooper is the favored pick to portray Miles Morales onscreen.

In just a short period of time in-game, Hailey and Miles have become popular with the fandom. Both are focused on the needs of the community, and Hailey is a brave, supportive partner for Spider-Man. Furthermore, Miles and Hailey’s connection through ASL underscores an exceptional connection that could prove to be meaningful as Hailey is one of the few people that can interact with Spider-Man without the risk of his real identity being revealed.

It appears that Venom could be in the next game, indicating the potential for the symbiote to attach itself to either Peter Parker or Miles Morales. This could mean that Hailey and Miles’s relationship could become more central to the story, with her having to help him if he becomes infected by the corrupted version of Venom. Thus far, their interactions have been quite lighthearted, so a darker story could help to develop both characters further.

It Is Speculated That Gwen Stacy and Other Heroes Could Be Featured in the Upcoming Spider-Man 2 Movie

Given the amount of content being added to Spider-Man 2 , the inclusion of Miles Morales’ love interest may be postponed in order for other Spider-Man side characters to be highlighted. If that’s the case, the addition of Gwen Stacy is likely, most likely as Spider-Gwen, allowing for another playable character in the future. As things currently stand, putting in Spider-Gwen seems like a bit of a long shot, but it would provide an opportunity to explore the relationship between Stacy and Morales while still being connected to gameplay. Though Gwen Stacy is not as well suited for this universe as Hailey Cooper, the simplicity of having two central characters have mutual interest in one another is hard to deny.

Miles Morales has been linked to more than one heroic love interest in comics – such as Kamala Khan, otherwise known as Ms. Marvel, and he was even in a relationship with Katie Bishop, an alternate reality version of the same character who later became Hawkeye. While the idea of Morales being with someone from the Spider-Man universe, such as Gwen Stacy or Cooper, is more likely, it is less probable for him to end up with a superhero from outside of it.

Should Insomniac be intrigued by the possibility of creating a Ms. Marvel game, enthusiasts may be presented with this atypical duo as a method to launch a new franchise. Insomniac has a selection of methods to take and sources from which to draw ideas; however, the current path suggests that Hailey Cooper is the most probable choice.

The sequel to Marvel ‘s Spider-Man will be coming in 2023 and will be available on the PS5 console.

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The three major players in the gaming industry, Nintendo, Xbox, and PlayStation have yet to give substantial news for 2023, especially the latter. While Xbox held a lengthy presentation about Redfall, Forza Motorsport, etc, and Nintendo unveiled Pikmin 4 and DLC for Pokemon Scarlet and Violet, PlayStation’s State of Play was underwhelming, with few noteworthy announcements. It is likely that Sony is saving up for a more substantial PlayStation Showcase later in the year.

Nintendo is not attending E3 this year, in the same manner as Microsoft and Sony, who typically have their own events at the same time as the conference. Sony’s presentation is the highly-anticipated PlayStation Showcase, during which they often reveal their biggest titles and provide updates on the most awaited releases. Judging from the most recent State of Play, it appears that Sony could be prepping for an immense PlayStation Showcase.

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It Appears that Sony May be Waiting for an Impressive PlayStation Demonstration

Sony’s latest State of Play event was not well-received by viewers. Though it came with a few character unveilings for Street Fighter 6 and a trailer for Resident Evil 4 Remake, aside from the 15-minute exploration of Suicide Squad: Kill the Justice League, there were not many noteworthy game announcements. This State of Play contained a lot of unimportant news and it would have been more suitable to have announced that Tchia is available on PlayStation Plus Extra at launch through a PlayStation Blog post instead.

The immense quantity of highly-anticipated PlayStation games in the works has some people perplexed that none were featured during the latest State of Play. Although some of these games are still in early development, there are many that are expected to be released in the near future, so it is curious that the State of Play didn’t make any mention of them. This has caused many to think that Sony is preparing for a significant PlayStation Showcase later in the year.

The upcoming PlayStation Showcase could feature a plethora of exclusive titles. Marvel’s Spider-Man 2 is almost certain to show up, with its projected Fall release date not far away. Silent Hill 2’s remake also could have another trailer, even though no release window has been set. Final Fantasy 7 Rebirth, due for Winter 2023, could have a gameplay reveal. Naughty Dog’s The Last of Us multiplayer game, long awaited, could be ready to launch very soon. Plus there are so many more!

At the next PlayStation Showcase, there may be trailers for a number of Sony’s upcoming first-party projects. Bungie has a few first-person shooters in the works, and Housemarque and London Studio are also crafting new titles. Additionally, Sucker Punch is believed to be creating a follow-up to Ghost of Tsushima. Thus, there are a variety of PlayStation releases to look forward to.