Speedrunner Finishes Dead Space Remake in Under Two Hours

A speedrunner has achieved a remarkable feat by setting a new world record for beating the Dead Space remake in a time faster than two hours. This activity is one of the many challenges the speedrunning community offers gamers that tests and pushes their limits. Additionally, events such as have also been able to raise millions in charity, thanks to the success of gamers completing video games in record time.

Motive Studio has been widely commended for their remake of the 2008 survival horror title, Dead Space, and it appears they have done the original game justice. This reimagining of the game is more than just a modernized version, it also included improved graphics, fresh content, and added quality-of-life changes. It is no shock that fans are attempting to set world records given the game’s current success.

Sharkhat87, a speedrunner and horror game enthusiast, was able to complete the remake of Dead Space in a record-breaking 1:55:30 or 1:56:12 when accounting for loading times. This puts the runner in the lead for the “Any%” category on Speedrun.net, which requires players to reach the end of the game without collecting items, side quests, or secrets. The second-place runner managed to get the game completed in just under three hours, so it is quite an accomplishment for sharkhat87 to have beaten the game in less than two hours. It will be interesting to see if sharkhat87 will be able to improve their time or if another runner will surpass them.

Those who are keen to try their hand at speedrunning can find plenty of amazing titles suitable for the task, like Mirror’s Edge and Superhot, which appear to have been specifically crafted for it. One must have the dedication and patience to become a successful speedrunner, and the recent Dead Space video offers proof that it is possible to set new world records.

Much excitement surrounded the remake of Visceral’s popular game leading up to its 2023 release. With the remakes of Resident Evil 4 and Silent Hill 2 on the horizon, the horror genre is in good hands. It will be intriguing to discover how fast the speedrunning community will start tackling these new releases.

Dead Space can now be played on PC, PlayStation 5, as well as Xbox Series X/S.

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