The Game ‘Sons of the Forest’ Was Removed From the Top Spot on Steam’s Best Sellers List

Sons of the Forest, the successor to the 2018 horror title The Forest, held the top spot on Steam for some time but has now been displaced. It appears that the trend of brutal open-world survival games continues to be popular, with many different titles available for those who enjoy testing their abilities in a difficult environment, and Endnight Games’ newest creation is no exception.

The sequel to Sons of the Forest proved to be an extremely popular title, becoming the best-selling game on Steam and surpassing even Destiny 2 and Valve’s Steam Deck. This is a testament to the success that indie developers can garner. Unfortunately, however, the reign of SotF at the top has been cut short, as it is now no longer the top-selling game on Steam, having been overtaken by another title.

Sons of the Forest Achieves an Impressive Sales Goal in Just 24 Hours of Early Access Release

A noteworthy accomplishment was made by the game Sons of the Forest, as it achieved a great sales milestone after only a day of its early access launch.

The new horror title from Endnight, Sons of the Forest, has made quite an impact on Steam’s top-sellers list, already making its way to the second spot after only being on the chart for a week. This has caused the Steam Deck, the mobile PC device, to drop to the number one spot. It appears that its initial hype is starting to diminish, yet SotF has still managed to stay ahead of Destiny 2 and is the most-played non-free-to-play game on the platform, ranking sixth overall.

Regardless, there’s no humiliation in being overtaken by one of the top gaming consoles of 2022. The Steam Deck has been an amazing success, providing PC gaming on the move. At the moment, Sons of the Forest is not yet approved for the Deck, so it will be fascinating to observe if the game holds its position, or even ascends, if it becomes compatible with the mobile device.

Since it’s still in early access, Sons of the Forest has had some updates to tackle a few issues. When the full version is released, it’s uncertain if it’ll be as popular, but Endnight is likely feeling satisfied to be able to compete with the likes of Steam Deck and other big titles.

PC gamers can now access the early release of Sons of the Forest.

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