Completing Sons of the Forest Is Possible With a Single Stick

When Sons of the Forest was launched as an early access game, some people have taken advantage of the glitches and bugs to beat it using a stick. Its launch was so popular that it seemed to cause Steam’s servers to temporarily crash. One of the main attractions of the title was the AI companion Kelvin, designed to aid the players.

When Sons of the Forest was released, fans instantly felt attached to Kelvin, the mute NPC. Even if he wasn’t perfect and sometimes caused more trouble than help, people still enjoyed his company. As with any early access title, there are some bugs and glitches, and unfortunately, some players have taken advantage of these.

The Spiffing Brit set themselves up with a challenge of completing Sons of the Forest as soon as they could utilizing an exploit. In their latest video, they demonstrate how players can defy the laws of physics by putting a sticker on the ground, backing away, and letting the game do the rest – a technique they term “The British Space Program”.

This video was put up a few days ago and the game Sons of the Forest has seen a few tweaks since its release, so it might have been remedied already. But, as of the present, there are no changes or fixes listed in the patch notes that can be related to this problem. If Endnight Games hasn’t fixed it, as well as any other similar issues, they might address it promptly.

The survival horror genre is still cherished. Even though Sons of the Forest has some bugs, that is to be expected. Some gamers have come up with ingenious ways to play the game with these glitches, making it worth trying out while they’re still available.

Sons of the Forest, a new game available in early access for PC platforms, can be accessed now.

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