Skyrim Player Rides a Dragon After It Dies: A Rare Occurrence in Games

It has been a long time since release, yet there is still no way of predicting what will happen in a playthrough of Skyrim; a fan recorded an instance when they managed to ride the slain dragon’s back. This fifth instalment of Bethesda’s renowned Elder Scrolls series is a formidable presence, not only in the RPG sector but in the entire gaming industry, being the remarkably successful successor to Oblivion.

The landscape of Skyrim is not only stunning, but its NPCs, quests and dragons make it a thrilling experience. Players may encounter dragons at any time whilst traversing the province, which can be intimidating for newcomers. Nevertheless, they will gain a sense of their capabilities by fighting them, and some may even learn to ride them.

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The player is able to capture the soul of a slain dragon and its skeleton is left behind as proof of the battle. Reddit user overlorddeathslime demonstrated that even when a dragon is dead, it is possible to climb onto its back. They shared a clip of their playthrough, in which they Shouted at a dragon, and the option to ride it appeared. Nevertheless, the game seemed to have an issue; the dragon’s skin started to burn away while the player was atop it, leaving only a skeleton. The clip can be viewed on their Reddit post.

Bandit_Outlaw felt that [Skyrim’s] odd glitch of having the protagonist ride a skeletal dragon in the air was “pretty badass.” This game is well known for its numerous bugs, some of which can be quite troublesome, but others can be amusing or simply strange. Regardless, the sight of the Dragonborn soaring on the back of a skeletal dragon is quite a spectacle.

Interesting to note, Skyrim fans are still uncovering secrets about the game more than a decade after its release. This could be one of the reasons why Bethesda’s RPG is still so popular, however, it does show the enjoyment people get from the glitches that remain in the game.

Skyrim – Anniversary Edition is currently available for a variety of platforms, including PC, PS4, PS5, Switch, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X/S.