Skyrim Player Encounters Hilarious Mudcrab vs. Thalmor Justicar Fight

A Skyrim enthusiast happened across an amusing altercation between a mudcrab and a Thalmor Justicar, which ended in catastrophe. The majority of Skyrim novices make the error of not realizing the might of a mudcrab, and this Thalmor NPC appears to have succumbed to the same miscalculation.

The adversaries featured in Skyrim are a multitude, with a wide variety of opponents for players to face. Mudcrabs are usually thought of as some of the least powerful enemies in Elder Scrolls titles, even though they are the most identifiable. It is amusing to see that they are still providing memorable experiences for Skyrim gamers after all these years, and hopefully they will make an appearance in the much-anticipated Elder Scrolls 6.

A recent clip of a Skyrim player achieving an incredible crossbow kill from across the map has been circulating.

In a post by Redditor MushySoup63838, a video was shared depicting an almost finished fight. The scene begins with the Thalmor Justicar proclaiming “You are but a dog, and I am your master!” However, this statement is made ironic as the mudcrab defeats the Thalmor adversary in the water. The viewer watches as the body of the enemy drifts away with the current. This is the kind of moment that has made _Skyrim _so famous over the years, providing a living world that players are able to become a part of. This is part of the reason the game continues to be popular more than a decade after its launch.

You are but a dog,and I am your master!
by u/MushySoup63838 in skyrim

In the thread, other users noticed the amusing implications of the clip in regards to Skyrim’s Thalmor lore. One gamer highlighted the Altmer’s lengthy life span, suggesting that the Thalmor Justicar had likely spent a lot of time practicing destruction magic, only to be defeated by a mudcrab. The consensus was that if the character had invested a bit more in restoration magic, they would have had the necessary strength to defeat the crab – an opinion that was hard to dispute.

As the release of Starfield approaches, and with it the full development of Elder Scrolls 6, speculation continues to circulate about what the game will include. Every fan has their own vision of the perfect Elder Scrolls 6, and Bethesda will have to make sure they can satisfy as many players as they can when the game is eventually released. The longer it takes for the sequel to be produced, the more important it is for it to be done correctly. One thing is for sure – many gamers are hoping to see mudcrabs come back so they can keep wreaking havoc all over Tamriel.

The Elder Scrolls 5: Skyrim – Anniversary Edition is now available for gaming platforms including PC, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Nintendo Switch, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X/S.