Skyrim Mod Turns Game Into The Walking Dead

For fans of fantasy role-playing and zombie-slaying, a new modification of Skyrim is sure to be of interest. It turns the game into something that could be seen in an episode of The Walking Dead. Even after more than 11 years, The Elder Scrolls 5 still has much to offer. This includes long-hidden secrets that only recently have been discovered, as well as the modding community’s amazing custom content.

The popularity of zombie games continues, from revivals of classic Resident Evil to a new Dead Island title. Skyrim is not a horror game, but still contains undead monsters. This 2011 RPG from Bethesda does not focus heavily on zombies, which stands in contrast to other entries in the TES series. People who want to fight these shambling corpses can still do so, however, as there is a way to get that experience.

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Wyrmspleen, a user from Nexus Mods, has come up with a mod for Skyrim titled “The Walking Dead Zombie Apocalypse”. The mod is based on the Creation Club project “Plague of the Dead”, which puts a zombie quest into the game. This mod lets players experience fighting against hordes of undead in Tamriel. According to Wyrmspleen, the mod is both “lore friendly” and “100% immersive”. It makes zombies a formidable force in groups and they are an ideal source of Mort Flesh for alchemists.

Throughout the years, modders have done an incredible job of producing mods for Skyrim, some of which have entirely altered the game and others have enhanced the game in various ways. It is remarkable that this game is still very much alive and providing gamers with new playing experiences or updated visuals and fixing glitches.

Bethesda is in the process of developing The Elder Scrolls 6, yet the release date of the game is unknown. Consequently, it is uncertain whether the next game in the legendary series will have the same longevity as Skyrim which is still receiving love and attention after 11 years, contributing to its ongoing presence in the AAA gaming world.

Skyrim’s Anniversary Edition has now been released for PC, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Nintendo Switch, Xbox One and Xbox Series X/S.

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At Nexus Mods, there is a mod available for Skyrim Special Edition which adds a new item to the game. This item, called the “Mystic Branch,” increases the amount of experience points that a character can gain when killing enemies. It also gives an additional boost to the amount of gold that can be earned, as well as providing a boost to the character’s health. All of these benefits make the Mystic Branch a great tool for anyone looking to level up quickly and become more powerful.