Skyrim Fan Creates Incredible Replica of Helm of Yngol

In 2011, Skyrim was released by Bethesda, which included the memorable Helm of Yngol. To show their admiration for the RPG, a fan created a replica of the item, which is one of the most impressive expressions of gratitude for the game.

The impressive weapon and armor designs of Bethesda’s Skyrim have made a lasting impression on players and many of them would like to have replicas of the items. In the early moments of the RPG, the gear may not be as good as what is found later, but exploring the world and delving into dungeons can yield more useful and attractive items. To celebrate the Helm of Yngol, which can be looted from the throne room of Yngol Barrow after defeating Yngol’s shade, a Skyrim fan created an amazing replica that looks like it could fit in the world crafted by Bethesda.

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Recently, Reddit user PKJ2002 posted several photographs of their own physical version of the Skyrim Helm of Yngol. They showcased the item from multiple angles to demonstrate the level of detail that had gone into the design. The helmet’s horns were crafted expertly to match the appearance of the armor in the game. The rivets are also included, wrapping around from the face to the back which is aged and worn-looking – just as it would be after being taken from a Nordic tomb.

The bottom part of the Helmet of Yngol is decorated with a Celtic pattern in both Skyrim and PKJ2002’s version, which extends to the top of its rear. There are no seems where the horns meet the metal portion of the Skyrim heavy armor, suggesting the entire piece is one integral structure with a few gashes for effect. According to PKJ2002, the replica helmet can actually be worn, depending on the individual’s head size.

In spite of the fact that PKJ2002 hasn’t discussed the process of constructing the Helm of Yngol, it looks to be, in part, 3D printed, similar to other Skyrim fan creations. Despite the large number of responses, we don’t know if they are accepting orders to make extra replicas in the future since they have not revealed their thoughts on the project.

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