Update Brings 60 FPS Mode and Mouse Support to Silent Hill 2: Enhanced Edition

The upcoming February 24th release of the Silent Hill 2 PC modding project will feature some highly anticipated updates, like full mouse support, 60 FPS gaming, and more. Known for its excellence, SH2 has long been maintained by modders on PC, and even though Konami has announced an official remake, the unofficial ones are still the preferred option for now.

In the wake of its absence, the Silent Hill franchise has been reawakened with a comprehensive program of revivals that Konami has announced. During its hibernation, the community had taken up the mantle to keep the beloved SH series alive. This is where the Enhanced Edition team comes in – to preserve the series’ past as it moves forward.

The dev team for Silent Hill 2: Enhanced Edition has revealed that a major update will be released on February 24 for PC. The update will include mouse control support, a 60 FPS render mode, and improved translation pack support. They have also affirmed that gamepad users will be able to easily play with a range of modern controllers, improving the experience beyond anything Konami has released for PC.

The Silent Hill 2: Enhanced Edition is based on the same engine used for the original game, leading to several difficult-to-execute features. The developers have revealed on Twitter that they will retain the 60 FPS cap instead of unlocking the framerate, as this would disrupt the protagonist’s movement. By contrast, Konami’s official remake is one of the titles set to utilize Unreal Engine 5 and will not be tied to the aging game code.

Despite its bold ambition, the Enhanced Edition project remains a remarkable accomplishment, and the Silent Hill 2 remake will mostly stay true to the original story, so it could be argued that the mod could be a viable choice for certain gamers.

The enduring success of the classic horror title was recently demonstrated when the Silent Hill 2 Limited Edition vinyl sold out two minutes after the offer was made. Therefore, many gamers will want to try the Silent Hill 2: Enhanced Edition project while they wait for the official remake.

For those looking to play, Silent Hill 2 can be found on PC, PlayStation 2, and Xbox platforms. If PC is your platform of choice, Silent Hill 2: Enhanced Edition is available exclusively for that platform.

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