The Season 2 Update for The King Of Fighters XV will be including Shingo Yabuki as a playable character

SNK, the creator, indicated that there will be more improvements plus newly added characters to come, as well as a cross-platform trial period which will begin in the early part of the year.

On January 17th, the King of Fighters XV Season 2 will kick off with the introduction of the DLC character, Shingo Yabuki, as seen in his new character trailer. Along with the addition of Kim Kaphwan, arriving next spring, two other characters, Sylvie Paula Paula and Najd have also been confirmed as part of the summer roster. Furthermore, two more as yet unannounced characters are being prepared for the fall and winter seasons as shown in the recently issued update roadmap, and fans are already speculating that they will be Duo Lon, Kain R. Heinlein, Adelheid Bernstein, or Hinako Shijou. Shingo Yabuki was originally featured in King of Fighters ’97 and was fascinated with Kyo’s ability to wield fire, which became a source of comedic relief in several scenes. T

he recently released trailer, however, reveals that Shingo too is now able to wield flames, as well as to employ several moves similar to those of his mentor. SNK is also still updating the DJ station which allows players to customize the music in menus and stages, with every new character release. As for Shingo, he will be accompanied by a major balance update for all present characters in the game. This will be the first time two characters exclusive to XIV have been featured in other KOF entries. Sylvie Paula Paula, who represents France, is a rejected member of the NESTS organization while Najd, who represents Saudi Arabia, joined the XIV roaster after a design competition between SNK and Saudi Arabia’s Manga Productions company. SNK has also teased additional updates and other characters to be announced in the future, as well as a cross-play open beta test in the spring.

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