Halo Content Being Incorporated into Sea of Thieves

Sea of Thieves now includes content themed after Halo! Those eager to take part in the pirate-y fun can don costumes inspired by characters from the Halo universe while they explore, pillage, and plunder.

When Sea of Thieves was originally revealed at E3 2015 and then released for Xbox One and PC in early 2018, it was met with some disappointment, due to server issues and the lack of activities. However, its reception soon changed when Rare announced a new vessel and 6 major updates for the game in 2018. This was accompanied by more frequent content releases, usually as part of Adventures, and various updates have allowed the game to be extended while tackling problems that had arisen. The game is also now available on the Xbox Series X.

The Sea of Thieves YouTube channel has recently released a video that unveils the “Masterful” Pirate Emporium Collection. This line of cosmetics includes versions of the iconic Halo helmet and energy sword, much to the delight of Halo fans. This newly released outfit is sure to become a popular choice amongst players and will be seen scattered across beaches and ship decks.

In 2019, during E3, Sea of Thieves released a Halo ship set as an addition to the game, which gamers could get their hands on if they played in the allotted time. Microsoft properties have become popular amongst the fans, and the company is likely to continue to draw attention to other titles in the same way. This update is not the first time that Sea of Thieves has implemented Halo content.

Rare declared they would be releasing 10 Sea of Thieves Adventures in 2022, with an 11th coming out the following year. They stated they would “hit the pause button” to give the 9th season a chance to stand out. Plans are already in the works to commemorate the upcoming fifth anniversary of the game with additional content. Fans of the game are now able to dress up as one of their favorite characters from another franchise and enjoy the adventures of Sea of Thieves. What a great way to have fun!

Sea of Thieves can be purchased and played on PC, Xbox One, and the newly released Xbox Series X/S.

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