Enhancements in Rust’s Upcoming Releases: Enhanced Water Graphics and Boat Mechanics, Plus Additional Features

The latest video from Facepunch Studios demonstrated a few changes that are coming to their intense open-world title Rust, including a transformation to the realism of the in-game water. The sole purpose of the game being to stay alive as long as possible has made Rust a challenging adventure. Players start with nothing but a rock and a torch and even without any clothing they must survive the first few days, gathering resources and avoiding other players and wildlife.

The Rust Christmas event is now finished, with gingerbread-themed mines and in-game items related to the holidays. Facepunch has been working on improving the game for some time, with bug fixes, quality-of-life updates, and even a hardcore mode for players who want an even bigger challenge. The studio is now preparing further patches to enhance the experience even more.

According to SHADOWFRAX’s YouTube video as reported by PCGamesN, the popular game Rust is set to receive some updates in the future. These include the introduction of adapters to structures, a visual upgrade to the water and its shorelines, and better boat physics. However, the video notes that these won’t be available in February’s patch and that the plans may still change.

Within the fan base of Rust, it is renowned for the regular and sweeping updates that surpass minor alterations. Since the game’s launch in early access in 2013, a lot of features have been added. Despite all the great additions, the game is still incredibly difficult.

It is widely thought that this game is one of the toughest survival experiences out there, on the same level as 7 Days to Die , Don’t Starve , The Long Dark , and DayZ. The difficulty comes from not only having to face off against other players but also face the environmental elements such as wildlife and extreme weather. This intense gaming style might be what attracts some players back again and again.

Rust can be played on PC, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One consoles.

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