RuneScape 3 No Longer Plans to Release Avatars Refreshed Design

After two years of work, Jagex declared the RuneScape 3 Avatar Refresh patch has been abandoned. The development of RuneScape 3 is still underway, and the expected launch of the new Necromancy skill is set for 2023.

Despite RuneScape 3 ‘s iconic questlines and its exploration-focused gameplay, the game has never been renowned for its graphics. Over the years, small updates have been made to the visuals, yet this has resulted in an inconsistent art style. Oftentimes, models from the past two decades are placed together, making the difference in their ages quite noticeable.

During a recent development live stream, Mod Hooli of Jagex revealed to RuneScape 3 players that the Avatar Refresh plans have been put on the shelf. The sheer level of the task, which involves revamping all wearable items within the game, is the primary factor behind this decision. The news of this large-scale update being delayed will be disappointing to fans, especially with Old School RuneScape just announcing the forthcoming addition of a new skill. Although the video doesn’t rule out the possibility of the update in the future, any active development on it is not currently taking place, and will not be expected for years.

The players have had a negative response to the announcement, which has been two years in the making. One commented, “Though the size of the task is huge, do they not realize it will only keep growing?” RuneScape 3 is continuously releasing new armor and cosmetics which are designed for the current character models. This has caused worry that the job of updating the avatars may be too difficult, and the update may never be accomplished. Jagex has had issues with the RuneScape community before and it will be intriguing to find out if the release of Necromancy will be sufficient to pacify the players.

It was expected for the RuneScape 3 Avatar Refresh to be a noteworthy improvement, bringing the game into the present day in terms of visuals. Jagex continues to devote resources to the game and create updates to draw in new players. A great example of this is their Fresh Start Worlds update. However, the fans overall think that shelving the Avatar Refresh update is a misstep for the game.

It is now possible to play RuneScape 3 on PC, iOS and Android devices.

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