Riot Games Suffers from Cyber Attack, League of Legends Updates Postponed

Riot Games released a post on Twitter, disclosing the unfortunate fact that a “social engineering attack” had disrupted their services. Subsequently, this will likely lead to delays in deploying updates to their various products.

Riot’s two major titles, Valorant and League of Legends, will be affected notably. Consequently, the developers have made efforts to soothe the distress of disgruntled gamers.

Riot posted on Twitter to let followers know that it does not have all the answers yet. The company, however, stated that no personal or player data was leaked. The downside was Riot revealing that patches for multiple of its games will be delayed, without specifying which ones. The company requested patience while it carries out investigations. It appears Riot hasn’t been having a good time this year of 2023.

Hundreds of commenters reacted to the announcement with mockery or inquiries about the effect of the breach. Andrei van Roon, head of League Studio, tried to reassure followers that the scheduled Patch 13.2 would be released with a delay. The development team is working hard to hotfix as many changes as they can, but those that cannot be hotfixed will come later, such as art changes. Teamfight Tactics also posted about the delays, expressing that the full balance changes won’t make it in time but the most important ones will be hotfixed. The Valorant Twitter page remained silent, so it seems that Valorant players can still enjoy their game.

Players will be relieved to know that their private and gaming information remains secure, and they can continue to enjoy their games as they are. Nevertheless, those who have been expecting alterations to address power discrepancies in their favorite Riot titles may have to wait longer than expected for those modifications to take place.

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