Statements from Riot Games Concerning Valorant’s Potential Transition to Alternative Platforms

Riot desires to bring its FPS Valorant to consoles shortly, though it may still be a while. Despite the criticism from League of Legends players when they lose a game, the company has been flourishing. Whether people agree with the decisions made by Riot or not, their utilization of top-notch trailers, art, and music, as well as their exploration into other mediums such as the acclaimed animated series Arcane , has been successful. While it shares the same fundamentals with CS:GO , its incorporation of champion abilities sets it apart. Although there is no way to know when it will take place, the port to consoles is in the works.

In 2006, Riot Games was established and its first video game, League of Legends, was released globally in 2009. It was only accessible through the company’s client, and it wasn’t until 2021 that it was released on Steam and Epic Games store. Valorant was launched in 2020, and it is uncertain how long it will take to port it this time.

In the most recent Dev Diaries video, Anna Donlon – the Executive Producer of Valorant from Riot – talked about the work being done on the port, which is taking longer than expected. Due to the game’s engine being one-of-a-kind and a decade old, porting is not an easy task. While the company continues to work on Valorant, Anna said they are also focusing on new systems to reduce toxicity, methods for players to gain loot, and other game modes such as Team Deathmatch and Premier Competitive Mode.

Riot has plenty of work to finish before seeing Valorant ported to consoles, yet they appear determined to make it a reality. To solidify this, they’ve entered an agreement with Microsoft and intend to have their games playable on the Xbox. To encourage League of Legends players, linking a Microsoft account to their Riot account will unlock hundreds of champions, skins, and other content.

Valorant to Other Platforms

Riot is eager for their titles to be playable on consoles. If League of Legends is made available to Xbox, veteran League gamers might experience difficulty adjusting to a controller. Likewise, players of Valorant who are familiar with playing on a keyboard could struggle to adapt to a controller.

Valorant is available to play on PC.

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