File Size of Resident Evil 4 Remake Unveiled

Later this month, the much-anticipated remake of Resident Evil 4 will become available, and users will need to make sure they have 67 GB of free space on their hard drive for the game’s installation. This amount has caused some surprise because it is larger than any other Resident Evil remake and even bigger than some of the newer titles in the survival horror series.

Last year, the specs needed to play the remake of Resident Evil 4 on PC were released, showing what technical level the remake is aiming for. Now, with the game available for pre-load on the Xbox store, Capcom has revealed the size of the installation file.

It Appears That The Remake of Resident Evil 4 Is Going To Diminish The Amount of ‘Cheesy’ Elements

A comparison between the original Resident Evil 4 and its remake reveals that it looks like the revamp is going to lessen the ‘cheesy’ elements.

Resident Evil 4’s remake is 67GB large on Xbox Series X and Xbox Series S, though this size may stay the same across all platforms. The file size may be even greater after post-release patches are released, as studios usually provide the smallest file size as the initial measurement.

Resident Evil 4 Remake

The 67 GB installation size of Resident Evil titles are large compared to other games like Grand Theft Auto and Call of Duty. The recently released Gold Edition of Resident Evil Village, with all its updates and DLC, is only 30 GB. Resident Evil 2 remake and Resident Evil 7 both require 23 GB. The length of Resident Evil 4, which could explain its size, is one of the longest in the series.

For those gamers looking to get the Resident Evil 4 remake, they must make sure they have a minimum of 67 GB free on their hard drive by March 24th or beforehand if they want to make use of the pre-loading option. Even if the Resident Evil Village Gold Edition installation file is deleted to reserve space for the new Resident Evil title, that will only free up half of the necessary space. The pre-load option is only available on Xbox Series X and Xbox Series S at the time of writing, but it should be made accessible to other platforms shortly.

At the June PlayStation State of Play event, Capcom announced a remake of the classic Resident Evil 4. While the news was generally welcomed, some were wary due to the lukewarm response to the Resident Evil 3 remake. In the following State of Play, gamers got a glimpse of the remake’s combat through a gameplay trailer.

On March 24, fans of Resident Evil 4 will be able to play the remake of the game on PC, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, and Xbox Series X/S.

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