Resident Evil 4 Fan Creates Amazing Oil Painting of the Game’s Village

The reimagined version of Resident Evil 4 may have been so intense that many players do not want to venture back to the eerie village at the heart of the game, yet one inspired supporter has created a remarkable oil painting of this famous scene. The remake of the much-loved Resident Evil installment has been met with wide acclaim, and this fan chose to pay homage by showcasing their artistic talent.

In March of this year, Capcom released a remake of the popular horror game Resident Evil 4 that has been met with great reviews from both critics and gamers. Among the many Resident Evil titles, this fourth installment is seen as particularly iconic. It stands out from the others in its setting, centering around a small Spanish village that players explore as Leon Kennedy, the protagonist, in order to rescue the President’s daughter. This village serves as a character in its own right, making for a highly immersive horror experience.

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A Redditor by the name of Flintdead posted their oil painting of the village from Resident Evil 4 to the r/gaming subreddit, and it’s a fantastic homage to the horror title. There have been many artistic tributes to the Resident Evil games, and this oil painting is a great addition to them.

Flintdead’s painting is able to represent the dismal atmosphere of the village from Resident Evil 4. From the broken down wooden structures to the fire blazing in the middle of the town, the fear that this game brings to its players is unmistakably depicted. As one of the most notable locations in the entirety of the Resident Evil series, it was a tough task to transmit the frightful atmosphere of this place into the artwork, yet Flintdead’s expertise allowed the fear of the game to come through.

Resident Evil 4 has been one of the most renowned horror games of the 21st century, and its remake has been greatly appreciated. Players, whether old fans or new, can express their enthusiasm for the game by finding ways to pay homage to it and unite with other fans in the process.

Gamers can now enjoy Resident Evil 4 on PC, PS4, PS5, and Xbox Series X|S.

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Resident Evil 4 remake follows Leon Kennedy’s mission to locate and liberate Ashley Graham from the deranged cult that abducted her. In the game’s initial scenes, Leon must count on his SG-09 R pistol and Combat Knife in order to survive, however these are not the best weapons for him to discover as he advances through the narrative.

One way to acquire Flash Grenades in the Resident Evil 4 Remake is to craft them, and this article will explain how to do so.

As the story of RE4 remake progresses, players will have to battle and vanquish numerous adversaries. As the number of foes increases, one might need to enhance Leon’s armory. Hand Grenades can be very advantageous to have in his weapon selection, yet only if they can be located.

How Does The Hand Grenade Function In Resident Evil 4’s Remake?

The Hand Grenade is a devastating weapon that can cause harm to all foes in the vicinity when detonated. This makes it a great asset for Leon to possess, especially for situations where he is beset by many adversaries.

In certain spots, Leon is in danger of getting overwhelmed, yet throwing a Hand Grenade can quickly restore balance.

When Leon confronts a Brute, Hand Grenades can be a great asset – particularly due to the high HP these enemies possess. Employing the explosive devices can be a great way to take them down quickly.

The early chapters of Resident Evil 4 remake feature Hand Grenades as a strong tool, however, the Heavy Grenade is unlocked in Chapter 10 and is a superior explosive. While some may opt to use a Rocket Launcher, the hefty cost and single use makes it a less desirable option, so Hand Grenades are the go-to.

Discovering Locations of Hand Grenades in the Resident Evil 4 Remake

In Resident Evil 4 remake, if Leon wants to get his hands on some Hand Grenades he’ll have to go exploring and collect them himself. The yellow crates and white vases scattered around the map can be destroyed to yield rewards such as Ammo, Pesetas, and sometimes Hand Grenades if luck is on his side.

A useful tactic for obtaining Hand Grenades is to go to an area filled with crates and shatter them all. If the desired item doesn’t appear, the gamer should restore the previous save , come back to the region , and then smash the crates again.

One way to increase one’s maximum health in the Resident Evil 4 Remake is to take a look at our guide here.

When players resume the game or start over, the contents of crates and vases may be different. For example, a crate that had Handgun Ammo in one savecould contain a Hand Grenade in the next. It could take some time for the player to come across a Hand Grenade, but it is possible.

In Resident Evil 4 remake, when a Hand Grenade is located and picked up, it will be put into Leon’s Attache Case if there is an open spot. This is extremely useful as the Hand Grenade can be very beneficial in the game.

The updated version of Resident Evil 4 can be played on PC, PS4, PS5, and Xbox Series X/S platforms.