Two Bug-Fix Updates for Atomic Heart Released

Atomic Heart has been given two updates that feature bug fixes and better performance in the famed open-world FPS. The updates came shortly after the release of Atomic Heart, which got a variety of reviews.

Mundfish’s first game, Atomic Heart, was released on February 21st to critical acclaim due to its alternate reality setting where the Soviet Union won World War II owing to its technological advancements. Despite this, the launch was marred by developer controversies and technical difficulties. Additionally, some players were disappointed that the title arrived on PC with no ray tracing support, even though it was featured in the Nvidia RTX showcases in the past.

Mundfish seems to be concentrating on resolving technical difficulties in the short term, with the release of version 1.04 and its follow-up 1.05 update for Atomic Heart on February 22. The patch notes for 1.05 explain that it resolves stability issues, frame rate drops, and other performance issues, as well as localization improvements and audio bug fixes. Despite this, one of the highly requested game features is already in progress.

Releases Two Bug-Fixing Patches for Atomic Heart

The dimensions of the updates differ slightly depending on the platform, with some Xbox gamers indicating that the day one patch is reinstalling the full game, and it clocks in at over 67 GB. The 1.05 update, however, comes in at between 15 GB and 18.7 GB. Neither patch seems to directly address the bug which made it impossible to finish the Atomic Heart introduction on PC. This difficulty reportedly only affected those who preloaded the game via Game Pass, and many of these people professed to have solved the problem by simply restarting or reinstalling the open-world shooter.

Altogether, Atomic Heart players are likely glad that Mundfish is devoted to fixing the game’s technical issues, but some are wishing for more disclosure regarding the updates’ content. To this point, the developer has not declared the patches via any of its official outlets, making some viewers to express their discontentment with the little disclosure on social media.

Atomic Heart is now accessible for players on PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One, and the Xbox Series X/S.

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