Red Dead Online’s Shocking Horse Interaction

A devotee of Red Dead Online recently went on the internet to show a screenshot from the game, which presented them with a frightening encounter alternative including their horse. In Red Dead Online, there are numerous interactions with non-player characters accessible to gamers, varying from simple waving to intricate firearm stunts, however, sometimes the game offers players extraordinary alternatives.

November 2018 saw the launch of Red Dead Online, just a month after the first release of Red Dead Redemption 2. Subsequent updates to the game were met with varying degrees of enthusiasm from players. Despite Rockstar’s decision to discontinue updates, Red Dead Online players still have the opportunity to involve themselves in various activities, from professional roles to free roaming and interacting with characters, including their horse. Just recently, one player posted on Reddit about an unexpected, and somewhat disturbing, interaction option with their horse, which is usually not available.

A recent 3 GB update for Red Dead Redemption 2 was released in the wake of the GTA Online hacking concerns. This Update for Red Dead Redemption 2 Comes After Recent GTA Online Hacking Concerns.

Redditor TasteeGloo posted a screenshot of their Red Dead Online character standing close to their horse, Damascus, with the option of skinning the mount visible in the bottom right of the image. The gamer was in their camp, with the horse tied to a hitching post, and the choice to skin the animal was presented on the screen above Damascus’ name. This is an alarming choice that has not been part of the game’s earlier updates, as reported in Red Dead Online ‘s previous updates, and TasteeGloo’s post made this startling prospect clear.

Red Dead Shocking Horse Interaction

TasteeGloo provided additional details in the comments, saying that they had attempted to skin a Damascus horse, but it didn’t work out. Other commenters were confused, some even curious about what could have happened. One interesting point was raised — “could you skin horses in the original Red Dead Redemption? — which thankfully, was removed from both Red Dead Redemption 2 and its online mode. Although the attempted horse-skinning was likely due to one of the Red Dead Online ‘s strange bugs, it is still a rather frightening thought to the community.

The bug reported by TasteeGloo is an intriguing one, but it is a reminder that Red Dead Online is not getting the backing which some players had wished for. The title requires assistance, particularly in the wake of what is currently going on with the Red Dead Online PC lobbies. Although Rockstar has verified that there won’t be any new updates for the game, some devotees are still clinging to the belief that Red Dead Online has not been totally forgotten.

Red Dead Online is accessible and playable on PC, PS4, and Xbox One systems.