Pokemon GO’s Silph Road Community Shuts Down, Leaving Players Devastated

The Pokemon GO community The Silph Road made the shocking declaration that they are closing, leaving players in despair. This year has been turbulent for Pokemon GO due to the issues and debates that have come with Niantic’s decisions. Despite this, the Pokemon GO community is still alive, though some participants are dispirited, disheartened, and discouraged with the game’s current condition.

The augmented reality game has released some thrilling content, including the Pokemon GO global debut of Shaymin. However, the game’s recurrent issues have been receiving attention and conversation on social media. In addition to the glitches and mistakes that lessen the enjoyment, gamers have been feeling “astral hell” after Niantic toned down Pokemon GO ‘s remote passes. Consequently, it has become more and more common to hear remarks such as “Niantic doesn’t take the Pokemon GO players into consideration.”

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The Silph Road, a very well-known Pokemon GO community, has declared its conclusion due to Niantic’s discontinuation of their Community Ambassador Program. The site has been operating ad-free for the last year supported by Niantic’s sponsorship. Ultimately, the site owners have decided to close down the project as they could not find a way to cover the high costs. Consequently, between March and August, The Silph Road will be getting rid of all the tools, programs, websites, channels, and community resources available to Pokemon GO gamers, closing a seven-year chapter.

Despite the conclusion of their services and resources, The Silph Road will remain active on Reddit, where their subreddit has gained a following of more than 800,000 subscribers. This is possible because the moderators of the subreddit are independent from the site personnel. The Silph Research Group will continue to research the game mechanics on the Discord server and post their findings on Reddit. Niantic expressed their gratitude for their partnership with The Silph Road and revealed that the Community Ambassador Program will be updated in the near future with the help of the Campfire feature from Pokemon GO .

This year Pokemon GO has had a variety of engaging content, however, Niantic’s game has been under a cloud of uncertainty. The remote passes have been nerfed, and furthermore, info such as the base capture rate and flee rate have been taken away from all Pokemon. This issue is compounded as players have noticed that Niantic does not provide enough feedback for the difficulties currently in Pokemon GO.

Pokemon GO is now available for both Android and iOS users.